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LPG - Squad Car
(from the album The Gadfly)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1: Jurny Big
And everyplace in my city make it seems like I'm guilty
And this treatment deemed necessary
Had a gleam in my eye and a spring in my step since i
Was a child chillin innocent yet authorities didn't notice it
Think I'm locin it and smoking up so they stick me in
The back of a squad car
And I'm off to the holdin tank cuz they planted junk
To make it seem like I'm holdin dank saw me foldin bank
Didn't think I was employed doesn't fit the stereotype
Of a latin boy and so I'm not far
From the edge and even if I'm pushed its just gonna make it
Look like I've been a criminal since I took my
Very first step and whats worst yet is I was never given chance
Livin for a glance of a better life but you know
Its never in sight
I been a benefactor of a factory workin dad
Had to be bleepin mad to be keeping that job not far
From a raise so they'd say but if you go their way
You just will keep your lower wage and I was at my
Grow up age when he started his own shop
Money pourin in so he figured he'd smoke pot but odds are
When that happen you is not far from graduatin to that rock hard
And that's exactly what happened happy days come and gone
Along with the house and home and spouse and grown kids
What he did bug me out for the drugs we out a pops
With an only option to watch and so it goes story told had
To fold cards business went under and family asunder
Now is there any wonder why I'm not far
From the hood getting chased by a squad car

Odds are if you living not far from the hood you've been chased by a squad car

Verse 2: Dax
Now im just riding down them streets still down for them streets
With beats lock on banging just waiting for the lights of a squad car
Not knowing where they are but I m knowing they aint far
And its not hard to tell its the same everywhere
The game really isn't fair and I swear even if I try hard
They still going roll me up still going hold me up
Slow me up and if I start trippen they going sow me up
Asking me to throw it up I tell them I aint banging
They ask me where I keep my stash I tell them I aint slanging
Why did you pull me over anyways they said what you'd expect
That I fit the description of a drive by suspect
So I cooporate and watch them search my ride
Not afraid of what they'll find but of what they might plant inside
I aint got nuttin to hide but when you sittin in the back of a squad car
If you let your pride react you'll be behind bars
And the fact is if you practice some restraint there's a method
To they madness and i cant hurt my status so I paint a smile on my face
Hit em with some grace aint got no time to waist
Anit trying to catch a case
Carefully place my words trying not to speak in haste
I wish it was erased instead im left with deep scars
How can you trust a man whos got his own plan and the power
To back it up because he drives a squad car