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LPG - Old Emcees
(from the album The Gadfly)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1: Dax
Yeah I know it anit fair and I don't even care
I took the stage with a blank page and a stare
Like you wasn't even there right i'm busting for me
i'm sick of telling yall how it's supposed to be
They tell me dance around the mic I should entertain you
Give them what they like they paying no one will blame you
But what about them cats who love them straight raps
Anit got snaps for your records but pay you in daps
And what about the little homies who love them flows
Anit got the clothes but support at your shows
Naw man I figure dancing aint for me
I'm orchestrated violence old school LPG
They call us tyrants but I know what I'm supposed to be
purposed defiance with a degree in poetry
and I'm going tell you so you know its me my name is dax
been down since cool j was dope and ice t dogged the wax
with a 2 second sampler and 2 turn tables
and a ghetto box tricked out into a 2 track
I'm going to give yall a second to see if you can remember that
but if you would have never left you wouldn't have to go back

You can't teach an old emcee new tricks
We coming strictly hardcore lyrics
We motivate the party with a mic move ya body if you like real rap when you hear it

Verse 2: Jurny Big
Yeah life aint fair still I keep my hands raised
And I stand amazed thus reason for penitent man's praise
In the song of life I realize I'm just a note
So when the band plays I muster up enough to bust a quote
In the form of gust of smoke I slam phrases through your veins
As opposed to up urane I spit the o.d. just the same
So don't ask me if I dance loc I prance and stomp
In the midst of the pomp and circumstance I romp the comp
And escape the tame times with imagination climbs
Each rung increases the distance between yours and mine
On course for fine tunin eventual spine movement
These cats can't back it up with chiropractic provin
I'm graphic picture that I'm a fixture of Christian rap
But the dap I receive most come from them secular cats
And that's exactly how we planned it God demanded
So we came through like Damus through the Garden we flame through
Paper lines no chasin mine I don't blame you
I wouldn't claim your crew either
Underneath the rubble is where you see the
Opposition of the W Covina just for you to see what
A true mc does


Verse 3a: Dax
I'm the same mc that I was when I first began
Hold it down forever mc with a master plan
A time travel mc not bound to the era
A classic rhyme writer a dictator to style change
A call as I see it last shot game breaker
A ball it as I be it sucker rapper title taker
An out cast outlasting mc
Hear the record 5 years later still feel me mc

Verse 3b: Jurny Big
And I'm an mc exbreaker expoplocker now
Rock and turn out a crowd with talent well endowed
Bound to knock it out the park my words make up the stars
You keep seein evidence of my pencil when its dark
I'm an mc never foldin holdin the ark for battle
No doubt that's my callin since the park they called Shadow
Began ballin fallin in line blue to be exact
Cushion by paper stacks and 20 years of raps