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LPG - Mistakes
(from the album The Gadfly)
© copyright 2003

Verse: Jurny
So many emotions it's hard to harness the right one
Stayed clear of the day of exploding but it might come
For so long played the game and losin was out the question
And acceptin consequences was a never learned lesson
Guessin I caused other sould to stumble in they walk
Since I had already been down fallin was only talk
But for the most part I'd be been in the position of aid
Just never quite utilized it didn't fulfill what I was made to be
Used the lime light and what little fame given
For deceiving and pullin folks to the place where I was livin
With a grin could get any reaction or response
And not truly noticing how mush it cost to be lost
When claimin you not its for yall to find out
Just take the word of a man who went that route
And no doubt turn around and went the other way in nick of time
And was able to keep the gift to kick a rhyme
So now I spit the kind that help change cats ways
So the jewels in my crown get mistaken for sun rays
One blazed trails at a time and I'm content
Shot youthwatch got maps of raps in which we sent
Whether we meant to do all this when we set out
When we long gone it'll still be strong without us
Don't doubt us be driven by Christ despite what you think
All that matters is the book of life and my name in ink