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LPG - Just Another Day
(from the album The Gadfly)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1: Jurny Big
On stone pillows I bellows aches and pains
Of growin and stakin claim to creatin my own niche in this
Im stayin still cuz lead streets they cover all
And as midnight fall the walls seem closing in
And the windows open up and the blinds they shivering
Like leaves in autumn wind when the breeze come rollin in
And my night it just begin so I toss and turn
Quite aimless like I lost the yearn for mics to burn
Cant wait for the sun crawl up on the sky line
So I can begin struggle and begin another rhyme
See I live for the fight its my life purpose and plan
So at night I'm not fulfillin my callin I'm worthless man
See the joy comes in the morning for me and those around
The joy comes in the fight and bumpin that trumpet sound
And spreadin word of that son who come down to bring
Tales of 3 nails 3 days and a risen king

Hook: Jurny Big
When the sun come fallin, I'm ready to fight the war/
When the start fallin, I'm gettin rest to fight some more

Verse 2: Dax
The day was old and the night fell hard
I'm sick of this road and sick of these scars
I'm thinking deep now stuck behind these bars
Cant count on anybody so I count then stars
I shut my eyes and what I hard was the infinite
In a world where the possible is limitless
Then the word came a shook hands with the wind
And blew through the street and alleys I had within
And as the night aged the wind blew harder
And page after page came and soon it began to rain
And I could feel it washing away my pain
And with every layer gone it began to reveal my name
And then the lightning flashed past memories
And I was enlightened to the truth in melodies
And the thunder echoed deep within my soul
and I realized I was empty and I didn't even know

Hook: Dax
When the moon light the night, I write like never before/
When the moon's out of sight, I'm getting rest to write some more

Verse 3a: Jurny Big
With my back to the sun I'm spittin on my shadow and watch
As it blinds those who oppose me in battle
When it falls behind the hills I'm thinking about restin
And putting my pen to bed instead of stressing
Wars but I'm more of a man for the stance I take
Even as I glance around me at them fallen friends mistakes
I mourn the lost and retreat when night falls
And return to the battlefield when the sun calls

Verse 3b: Dax
Its coming up on 5 am im still questioning
Frustration been gone a calm has in
A peace in the coos cease fire till the days Pass
With an increase desire to make it and out last
Take it one day at a time and break it down at night
And never sleep till im done doing it right I
its got to be enough I pray
Cuz to God my life's one morning one night and one day