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LPG - Uiznotanemcee
(from the album The Gadfly)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1: Dax
I rock them mics on blocks where glocks swap war stories
And rocks sing the song of a hustlers game
game same game where I gain my fame fame
using them same mics to defend my name in rhyme fights
then I took it to the stage with a 12 gauge written page
keep it on safety till a knocker tried to engage me in battle
switch the style to free and unravel my bullet belt
and unload from the lip to be point blank to be sure its felt
and I deal with it so im never dealt a bad hand
I coming real with it and never sleep cuz I shot the sand man
Im seven sticks of dynamite encased in c4 in box of grenades
At the center o nuclear war
And those who swore I wouldn't explode got they arms blown off
From trying to hold down lpg from blowing up the underground
And we hot so if you feel yourself suddenly getting warm
best find shelter from the rain we taking the rap game by storm
And swarm your neighborhood dropping b's on mcs
While yall just scratch the surface we deep in mentalities
and different realities deal in dimensions and such
To get in gear is automatic but im still great in the clutch
And im sharp to the touch and I stage dive off your chest
And decapitate your style to be a cut above the rest

You is not an mc with empty air headed messages let it be known
We grown incredibly irritated with your tone
Enough to show you first hand how the spot get blown

Verse 2a: Jurny Big
I crash a paper stash with ink splashin my beliefs
Catch me on West Covina curbs wit words mashin out my teeth
And I'll be askin who in this circle thinks they can get around
Watch me turn your crew blue and purple like Jordan Downs
Poundin you into the ground the old fashion diss way
And I'm ready for the rest of yall like the end of the 6 th day
And I'm sure you ain't heard a word I say movin to quickly
And scamperin about with the transience of a gypsy

Verse 2b: Dax
I come across the lost as frequent as puffy floss
brothers didn't know I flipped it till they punk butt got tossed
claming miscommunication they didn't know the cost
but its to late they crucified cuz lines was crossed
so I stripped them of they name and now they identified
as the ones who took pride in the fact that at least he tried
but if that's the case then you should so they can all take part in getting ripped apart with you
we tip the scale on heavyweight serve you on a 12 inch plate
you tripped and fell in a hopeless state not knowing were you rate
tell us how you hate what we create but we only concentrate
0n what we know and what going to sell


Verse 3: Jurny Big
Im a brother with a plan and a hand full of down
Straight holdin it never found foldin it grow old in it
My education came in whether I was relatin a message
On 58 and not a classroom hatin on playas cuz playas
Indicatin' game this aint a game so many lives at stake
And satan is takin aim
Im stakin claim to greatnes representin Christ name
Bold in it told I gain a crown of gold in it
And that's truer than the skies that my dubs get
Lifted in and bluer than the cries that john lee hooker
Is gifted in been knowin I'm prone to hustle whether
Ruffled feather it makes no dif take a breath
And shake these words off my lips
Makin sure the earth feel my shift and quakes on they plains
With plates of sane talking while walkin that straight lane
Speakin to the aches and pains of a child with nothing to gain
I'll be moldin it not worried about how much I sold in it
Like your million dollar videos for promotin it hopin it
Is gonna hit but with my eyes closed it sounds like junk
With a crew fulla punks and I'm a brother with a plan
And a hand fulla down straight holdin it