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Dynamic Twins - Reap what you sow
(from the album 40 Days in the wilderness)

You reap what you sow seeds even if they bad ones
2,3,4 tell me if ya had some
Time in your life,right wrong is what ya dished out
Route is kinda crooked so ya made a way out
Bout to hit the cieling feeling pretty bad, sad
Cuz ya mad give some good to tha bad seeds
Please Take it from me cous
grand excelling
Treat everybody right and it's all to the good

(Twins) chica chica yes ya'll (yes ya'll)
seeds are planted in mya harvest
I reap ad I'm reapin what I started
S-e-x means means that baby with the carrige
Hiv or catchin with disease
Livin on the edge you'll be dead
Comin from that wrong side then ya gonna die
Or ya headed for the schorchin flames of the fire
cuz schorchin and sufferin is your desire

ha ha reap what you sow kid
so what ya gonna do
Right now we're gonna bring up No B love
But before that we got lpg that stepped up into the room and we go way
back we gone let him drop some knowlegde on this one
check it out like this

Now Tunnel Rat linguistic mystycs
Funnel phat arithmetic
For proper systematic rituals
Spiritual habiatuls in the practice in the midst of habit
Keep'em reapin automatic on the original rhyme addict
[No B Love(voice over rhyme addict saying rhyme addict)]
Mc's bust to rush themselves towards their mark
Lpg the spark who inspired them to eternal burn
My sole need and vital passion for hip hop
with the hope that sometime you reap the expansion that??

[other twin voicin over sayin:] Now Now now now nownow
who is that man talkin flim flam
With false plans call the repair man
Cuz his mouth jammed with scams (come again)
the definition of your posistion (Sound effect: cchichi chicchi) he's the
chichi fiction
Your lies have been tried many Christ and many are filth in grease
Took the ?? come with the thirst to quencher
In life you're in bent bent or heaven sent
what's your intent with the ?? system only do it well
But won't sell
Now try to lie your way out of hell

Scripture: you reap what you sow and you sow what you reap as you believe
in your heart so shall it be whatever is done darkness shall be revealed
in the light you choose your light

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