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LPG - Me and my Cousin
(from the album The Gadfly)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1: Dax
I always new that I was when ya'll said I wasn't
Been trough and you knew it but its still me and my cuzzin
I Stay bussin on GP and keep my game in the crease
And we aint stoping till we watch throw up dubs in the east
While ya'll screaming for peace I keep it in war time
Stayed wit it never quit it its Los angles on mine
If you trippen ya'll can get it I said anit nothing changed
Its been the same since I started this game
Its war rhyme feel it
It had to happen got to much love for this rappin
To many years spent scrappin for inches to get it cracking
And if you won t give it i'm going take it and throw some bass in it
Lace it upon deuces dump it and catch a case in it
Don't get me wrong I'm sick of saying it we've always been awake in it
Just never had the chance to tech and sway wit it
While ya'll was hating it now you playing it
Remember all those years we told you we'd be making it

Me and my cousin been through it
Way before y'all knew it was your calling we was bound to it was bound to it/
Knew it was rough travels but battles we been

Verse 2: Jurny Big
Talent shows was for showcasing talent so they told
Till we open envelope and we don't win cuz we pros
And I remember telling Vince yo we was rockin wasn't we
Evidence was audience shoutin out Cousin #
And I'm buggin now these Pharisees got me on the run
Two decades deep and peep the fight it just begun
So me and Dax stay back to back and fendin off these foes
Draped in Christian clothes but hissin like snake goes
But I still took the dirt road less traveled
So theres no doubt we handled ours and got scars to prove it
And Ex members tattooed with
LPG across the back cuz they thought it was all about rap
But never that cuzzin its always been about life changing
And microphone manglin we might leave your crew dangling
Cats angling beats my way like ay you feelin those
Fool its still me and my cuzzin since we used to play on rose
And Shadow Oak loc I broke it down with Cousins
You Dax wheres Vinnie B at lets take it back to 83


Verse 3a: Jurny Big
I been Cali types with writes that keep yall hatin
My cuzzin been sayin things that old folks still debatin
At time we wondered if we had too much patience
Then we hear the latest gospel rap record and get to takin back
What we started bein the hardest gospel rap artist
Settin sail on the path you left unchartered

Verse 3b: Dax
I aint holding on to the past I'm still there and never left
Its gonna stay me and my cuzzin stay bussin till my last breath
Pullin cards straight flushes with a poker face and crowd rushes
For just a taste of this justice from this crew who crushes
We've been here for years showing ya'll where the lack is
Fathered many of your styles where's my hug cuz we back kids
And the fact is you don't look happy to see us
It couldn't be cuz we the truth and ya'll is tryin to be us