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LPG - In Your Mind
(from the album The Gadfly)
© copyright 2003

Make your move and I'll make mine
Head through your ears and down your spine
Head towards your heart but on my climb
I'll check your wrist do you know the time
See what I find you have to get inside
If you want to grow and change the mind
I start in your hands then finger tips so every mic you hold has my imprints

We feel that you didn't really know
We like to get inside your heart to help you grow
And only time will tell if you got the flow
We like to get inside your mind so you would know

I run through your coronary track and clog your arteries
Ain't nobody hard as me
Your blood blue I run through your chest
And watch your chest and watch your heart rate
Plummet from what I quote and see if
You can stomach
And keeps fallin past your knees it has to be
Gravity cuz now I'm at your feet
I'll see if you can walk the walk
And fit in my shoes to live this art


I make my way through shoulder blades
And figure if you can take the weight
At slower rate I race past bows
And raise your hands so your fans know
Who clutch the mic and write your raps
And with that hand the neck I grasp
And through your throat so you don't choke
And exit out your mouth with the words I wrote


I go back through and check your pulse
To ride the beat for best results
And once I know head for the start
Before I go stop at the heart
And check the chart against our love
To make sure its what you're made of
Go to your brain to change your thoughts
And exit out your tears while you weep for the art