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LPG - Ins and Outs
(from the album T)

Verse 1
I only write what I see so my words are insight
Relieve those heavy in hopes to insight
You better tell your momma to buckle you in tight
Cuz im coming for your title and taking out right
I never had a problem with being an outcast
A student of the game that's why you outclassed
You trippen if you thinking you ever could outlast
Im loaded for generations whether 1 st or in last

Now would you please allow me a minute to interject
What's needed in this game is a smidgen of intellect
Cuz most af yall it seems are squawkin from in your neck
So instead of these cases I'm comin with outrageous
And outlandish on mines we outshine
No money in the bank but believe me we out rhyme
And out climb you to the top without drop
You created this monster now it's blowin up in your faces

I'm a stay an influential cat who's outspoken
Intertwined with rhyme since I ran out the open gates
I'm takin yall out in a battle in no time
Insert mic in hand and out the mouth words ran
Im staying deep in the play button and pulling out the stops
Keep it inside the heart and outside the box
Rain in this thang and wash out the doubt
Ive been in this game and wont get played out
I intrigue with intricacies without degrees
My tricks out the sleeves so Indian tats can breathe
Indeed my cash out the wallet I'm lookin to install it
On the incline keep risin without fallin
You cant get in the brain cuz you out your mind
You aint in this game so get it out your rhyme
I keep it right in time so im never left out
Keep the fight in rhyme so im never left out

I intend to intimidate the so called great
While yalls intent is to imitate the fake
But it's lights out when I break in the intersection with interesting
While you set out to question your direction
It's another burn session I insist yall listen I'm testing
Yall ingrate who came without invite and invalid responses
While I'm ensconced in bomb hits
Its intentional we did this junk on purpose
Hopefully to inspire someone to out work us
If you feeling me and up for it be 1 st in line
We coming with sun rays at night time to out shine
Indeed we intercede and bleed out every word
Pour liquid flow into ears to be sure that its heard
Listening the half it must be understood to complete the route
We delivering a message are you in are you out

In and out of the game so fast but with or without you the game will last
If you aint knowing the ins and the outs of this here we going start taking yall out this year