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Liphe - Vains in My Hiphop
(from the album Line of Fire)
© copyright 2004

(sample KRS-ONE ďOva HereĒ)

Verse 1: Tech Omega
Mean with this diddybop/
Loving this hiphop/
Pledge to forever spit and forever rock/
Living life to the fullest said never stop/
Peace to moms and pops/
This music, family and friends is all I got/
My Dad beat my ears to some of that soulful hiphop/
Curtis Mayfield rockin it and blowing on the spot/
Aretha Franklin hit the record and just let it rock/
I got back on the crime right, 17 rhyme tight/
Like shorties eyes see I shine bright/
Moms told me to stand up cause its time to fight/
Put an influence in this light itís the rhyming life/
Iím charging like my minds a price/
You see son Iím no price/
From the facts stated black on black attacks/
Manifest on the sounds I test and bless/
On this mic check test/
The words flip out like Janetís chest/
But nevertheless I test the best everytime I hit the beat and wreck/
Just some words from the simple mind from this kid named tech

Verse 2: Soldier the Brainchyld
Iím a go back son like Alicias braids/
To when hiphop was built and essentially made/
Turntables, b-boys, and graffiti rhymes the phase/
The feeling had your soul in a graze/
Journey through the rhythm and the wisdom to find this place/
Hiphopís my life no longer just a phase/
With every word that I create, I got dreams to chase/
No longer getting paid/
From the foundation we built and made/
Keep yo through quick flows on uptown tempos/
To rocking flipping it souls/
Found dreams while I was still awake/
The truth will separate the real from the fake/
My mind is supreme and great/
Building upon this faith/
Learn the knowledge to make the cake/
I became down to earth to let my soul elevate/
Reaching a higher level from my Christian faith.

Verse 3: Bliss
yo I strectch the clock back/
bout 5yrs in fact/
when my mouth said lemme speak that rap/
still not new to force/
never been on tours/
got new york in my heart but locked n california doors/
from hawian shores/
born and risen/
waited 24 yrs and now my sound is given/
tech omega n the lab for dilegence/
speakin out for the youth/
what i speak is the truth/
while you follow victim to the loot/
Yo bliss the key to happiness/
never stress in this world of test/
but im stakin my thoughts at risk/
as my words caress/
your ear drums/
cause i speak to the slums/
think u doin a charity cause you give a buck to bums/
found a better way to improve you surroundin/
sellin crack to the youth that shits outstandnin/
no time for bullsh*t im here to save the world/
for those who want the status im no bodies girl/

(sample from Lumidee)