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Awe-StruKC - I Shall feat. E-Licia
(from the album Axiomatic)
© copyright 2004, Awe-StruKC Records


I Shall, not compromise, my purity//
And I will, keep my heart, on “guard” like Security//
I pledge loyalty to Royalty//We King and Queen Status//
Until the day we’re married, abstinence is what we’ll practice//

Azriel: Out of the abundance of the heart my mouth pours this//
Declaration of courtship// where purity is important//
Peep these two agape forces// who’ve been patiently waiting//
We’re consecrated, Set Apart, no longer, blatantly dating//

Elicia: No more debating, in the Creators love were imitating//
A sacrifice made in unity, equal to you and me//
Anticipating, the vow exchange, I now remain pure//
Till the day I’m yours, enduring all things//

Azriel: Of course the remorse of past relations and fabrications//
Of crafty statements had me blinded by infatuation//
Our Agape is an affirmation, of a revolutionary demonstration//
From past failures, we both have liberation//

Elicia: Liberty and “Just Us”, Justice from all lust//
We must think of H.I.M., cuz in H.I.M. we trust//
To lay this foundation, like a “style mason”//
I’m now preaching purity like its salvation//

Azriel: I’m now patient, now placed in a divine guideline//
We’ll connect in the right time and in the right mind//
No’s my “final answer”, tell Regis to save the “life line”//
In the midst of this darkness, I’ll let my light shine//

Azriel: We gotta have “like minds”, remain equally yoked//
I peacefully hope, you understand this ain’t a rhyme I leisurely quote//
The feeble elope, but self control is here I’m certain//
Until our wedding night we’ll remain “wise” like “5 Virgins”//


Elicia: A true confession, in a one lost path I find direction//
Reflection of my past brings me to divine connection//
He stood 5 foot 7, brown eyes and brow complexion//
The type that made my eyes smile to see perfection//

All the while, I peeped his style, we soon connected//
Then he rocked my world like hip hop and then soon blessed it//
In this relation, the “Most” [High] has manifested//
Together, it’s you and I thru out the weather//

Ya ask how much, always forever//
Like the East is from the West No one could measure//
Like the East is from the West No one could measure//
Like the East is from the West No one could measure//

Azriel: Don’t awaken love to early or prematurely//
Your body’s a beautiful Virgin temple, why should we hurry//
Love is patient, “Love” is a verb, “you” and “I” are the “nouns”//
Practicing “passionate” Abstinence is the “adjective” till we take our

Of marriage, why be embarrassed, a baby carriage and shady drama?//
I want you as my wife for life not baby mama//
Let’s not make decisions based on emotions and feelings//
Any “boy” can make a “child” only a “Man” can raise his “children”//

My eyes behold my Queen, more precious than gold//
With purity ya eyes are shining, you’re more beautiful than diamonds//
The radiance of Shakinah is the depthness of your beauty//
Which surpasses the elegance of emeralds, garnets and rubies//