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New Breed - Live This
(from the album Stop the Music)
© copyright 2002

Verse 1: Elsie
Shorty's are naughty, haughty eyes
Making the body die
Cross cuts making the party fly
Ladi-dadi In the speaker
New breed and tunnel rats be the teachers
Staying up in festivities, playing it for longevity
Heavily rotated, plans premeditated
To make minds rewind, and find why they created
Love confiscated, due to sin separated
But the wages of that sin and seperation
He paid it, elated, over joyous b-girl
Rocking this world, can't nobody put a stop to this pearl
Love will unfurl, holding mics tight
Never for money or the lime light
One lord with one sword, a true mic-knight
Making you move while we shouting up free the mind
Play this at the reggae party
Heads shouting reel up rewind, reel up rewind
Taking back what the devil took
Leaving him shook living the good book
Ya'll better take a good look
It took a minute but we finally in it
The time and money we spent it
But ain't one thing rented
We got a land that's our own
And a plan that's our own
Built an extension to this hip-hop crib
And calling it home

Don't hate just build
Cats are trippin cause the rats got skills
I know these heads know the deal
New breed make the music that the people feel
Don't talk just move
Do what y'all came to do
TR's we remain the crew
New breed make the music that y'all could live to

Verse 2a: Macho
Yo there's a million of us out there who feel my pain
Get lost in thought when the rain drops
We just can't stop for some universal, commercial reversal of this culture we call HipHop
Just music to you but more than that to me
Listen it's more than just a skill that come naturally
Somethin that drastically changing the life I live

Verse 2b: Elsie
Just move to the rhythm
Get lost in the rhythm
Never mind the fake smiles and dirty looks people giving
Don't be trippin what they thinking make your way to the floor
Just dance to what we giving til you cant dance no more
Close your eyes and explore from the core of the drum
To that melody you humm
Listen for the heart of the song being sung
Message heavy on our tongue but we spun this one to have fun
That's why I'm sayin


Verse 3: Macho
I hit the spot fiendin for a mic to rock
My finger itchin for a 58 and dert to drop a head banger
Something for the people to move to
Cause it's getting late and I ain't tryin to lose you
Get up stand up come on throw ya hands up
Now you in the land of the pure no musical vandalism
It's art work hard work
You're looking at the king of the 48 bar verse
I'm cursed with the gift to uplift and drift into any state
Enter any rhyme debate
Elevate the underground sound profound that I'm labeled as a great one
So don't forget I'm a follower of God awe inspiring
Wicked with the word play makin men retire when I'm eyeing them
I got these record labels firing entire A&R staff and wonder why they hired them
Then they sliver to New Breed inquiring how they can get the style they're admiring
So I hit the stage and let em know how I feel
I'm a Tunnel Rat with or without a deal