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New Breed - Dry Bones
(from the album Stop the Music)
© copyright 2002

Verse 1: Elsie
Being led by the spirit of God
I was brought into the midst of the city
Where young ones dwell with no peace and no pity
No hope to call on
Salvation to fall on
The spirit whispered to me it ain't long before they're all gone
I looked around and seen dark streets with sick pleasures
On one corner corrupt cops of all measures
A young woman and man looking for fake treasure
A drug abuser used looking for false pleasure
What kind of children are raised in this wicked ally?
A tear fell from my eyes
And as the tear reached the ground and spread
Then the city became a valley
A valley of dry bones
Death as far as my eyes could see
What kind of place could this be?
The spirit looked at me
Took me by the hand
Started walking through the land
He proceeded to tell me God's plan
Said these bones represent the living dead you just saw
Bones God created but devil made hardcore
Now I'ma need someone to speak the words to restore
Prophecy to these bones and get them ready for war
I said for real God I'm with that
He asked me where's my Bible
I said I'ma go and get that
Just give me all the words God
You know I'm down to flip that
Hardcore message of the gospel
I kick that
Enemy needs to get back
I stepped back
Took a look around
Everything was safe and sound
I felt my heart thumpin' and I felt my chest pound
The anointing that He placed on my heart
Made me know I was appointed by the king from the start
We stay together not disjointed
And from Him I don't part
Yo, for real He gives me strength to fight the firy darts
Said speak to the death and the dry bones of ages
And I'll give them breath as I turn back the pages
Pages of time
Back when once they was mine
Before they fell to the drugs and the sex and the crime
Before they bowed on their knees to the prince of the darkness
Before they hid under the sea like the lockness
Before they turned their hearts and traded my love for swords
And I do this for one person so that they know that I'm the Lord

Speak to them bone's
Tell them come forth so they know
I Am the Lord
In one accord
Wielding a sword so they know
I am the Lord

Verse 2: Macho
And then I felt the earth rumbling trembling mountains disassembling
Couldn't even walk in my timberlands
Before My eyes I seen this once blue skies
Turn into rushing winds and once again appeared the bright lights
Spirit of God came to me said "Son of man prophesy it's My will that all repent
It ain't My will that one die"
With the blast of energy I received from the Spirit
Much to be afraid of but no need to fear it
Alone in this valley with Dry Bones around me
Fear tried to grip me but God's peace surround me
Found Him to be an ever present help in trouble
Can't let words be stopped cause of the plans of the devil
I said I prophesy in the name of the Lord
When you bones resurrect no longer live by the sword
I prophesy in the name of the King
When the Spirit gives life a new song will you sing
I prophesy in the name of the Father
When you receive breath you prostrate before the altar
I prophesy in the name of the Son
No longer be defeated cause the victory is won
Then one, two, ten thousand and more
Dry bones resurrected, it was madd hardcore
My eyes couldn't receive the vision that was before me
The hand of the Lord moved I fell to the floor
They came bone to bone receiving muscles on flesh
Army fatigues, timberlands and ill bubble vest
Iniquity departed far as east is to west
A new creation the old man put to rest
Ex base heads teen drug fiends and crack addicts
Kids who walked streets with ill techs and automatics
The kind who just roamed the earth looking for static
Backsliders and backstabbers
Ex Bible fanatics
Millions as far as the eye could see
All standing at attention like a vast army
Resurrected but yet with no breath or revival
Which is vital for their life and survival
For five full seconds the earth became black
Then the kick and the snare came back
Like an attack the rushing winds came bustin in
And the presence of God it was ushered in
They started movin to the beat the Lord dropped
And like true Hip Hop the Spirit just wouldn't stop
Filled with the fire of the Holy Ghost
Ready for representing the Lord of Hosts
Chanting I'll represent I won't be hesitant
The Kingdom suffers violence so I'm getting militant
They were strapped with the sword of the Spirit on their side
Filled cause the Father gave them fire from on high
My mind pressed rewind to what the Lord said before
He said I do this for one purpose
So that they that I'm the Lord