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Liphe - Move To It
(from the album Sin and Hope)
© copyright 2003

Move To It

My dreams transformed me into this lyricist/
The moment I bless this track/
See we do it like this and we do it like that/
My people move and groove they bodies to this rap.

Verse 1:
The musical language, the pain I spits/
Been through it all kid go ahead name it/
See the fame hit/
Music I had to change it/
Love I知 here babygurl Imma regain it/
My thoughts I aim quick/
I lit the fire son I got the flame lit/
My heart will tame it/
Lyrics with aids (why) 祖ause they remain sick/
Wire the poetic writers/
Considered like ? a bunch of outsiders/
Mark my words down with highlighters/
Moving as a rebel son I知 known to blaze ciphers/
Spittin the truth son I never hung with no liars/
Spit the truth son is what my heart truly conspires/
Gotta really speak my mind/
Put hope in with a beat and a rhyme/
Man said you seek and you find/
Walk rows to defeat the crime/
Dreaming a beautiful life to complete mine/
Shorty that was weak would shine/
Tapping a beat to a rhyme/
If I got her son I値l never cheat mine.


Verse 2:
A madman seen through like a crystal/
My heart hits with a devastating missle/
Dying only just to hear I miss you/
But my blood fizzles/
I知 a born again, now my fixed you/
I知 a poetic mastermind with 150 different types of riddles/
Speaking Sin and Hope through these ideas/
Walking over pain and these tears/
I致e been in rap for five years/
Hitting with tracks and raps kinda like ?/
Preach but no one truly cares/
Place the wisdom inside of your heart and inside of your eyes/
Music is past this type of materialism/
You gain knowledge then son you get the wisdom/
Play the game son then you know the system/
Get hit first then you know how to hit them/
Show love son then you get to kiss them/
Hate them only to see how much you truly miss them/
I feel the same way about music done by J-Z/
But I love music from this type of culture/
Carry a vision and a Vision so its never over/
Listen to a rippin hiphop type of soldier/
Carry a mic and this type of flamethrower/
With the words and the dreams that I gotta flow ya.