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TRUTH, da - Satisfied
(from the album Moment of Truth)
© copyright 2004

Verse 1:
I feel the pressure, I'm watching some people press up/
On people that they're impressed with 'cause they consider them precious/
They'll do whatever man, just to get in their presence/
But only when they can see when they're poppin' antidepressenants/
That's hard to see when the paparazzi and press/
Impress on us the whole perspective that all the earthly possessions/
Can fully satisfy just 'cause it brings them pleasure/
But that's a lie from the pit just to keep the eyes on the present/
Might I present to you this, Chrst wants to give you a gift/
But you're ignoring him, storing up earthly treasures (don't ignore him)/
Plus worthless fabrics, the earth is passing away/
And everything that you purchase is like the grass that we graze/
You know it's withering, whether or not you want it to/
But you live like it won't, like you think you'll always be 22 (we ain't always gonna be young)/
When you really won't please don't wait 'til your fully grown/
God wants to invade your life now, this earth is not really home.

Oooh, woooo, yo I felt that one man,
Yo man, I didn't even give them the hook yet
I just want them to really think about this

This thing is serious, hope I can get you curious,/
Thinking about the futility of earthly materials (think about that)/
From birth your life on this earth is merely a series of things/
The ends up being routine, that's your experience/
But that's a problem just think about how monotonous life/
Really is, life really ends, you're back to a pile of dust (we all gotta die)/
I don't apologize, 'cause I don't speak in my own authority/
Jesus said this before He looked in Pilot's eyes/
He told his chosen disciples not to hold on to this life to firmly/
'Cause everything earthly is just going in cycles/
You were born with a hyphen betwen the day that the doctor/
Smacked you on your butt and you lay in the morgue when your life ends/
If you're bored with this life and you got questions/
Then God got answers in Jesus Christ he'll be more than a nice friend/
He'll be your solid rock that you can build your life on/
And live for eternity worry from from the body rot

None of it satisfies, some of it gratifies/
Son of gun, the fun under the sun is glamorized/
Satan's a slick one y'all, the sum of its camouflage/
Eternity away from the Son of a lavish God

Verse 2:
You may not feel this, I know this ain't appealing/
The people of God are pilgrims just passin thru, then we're peeling/
We got a future inheritance, more fulfilling than anything/
That this life can offer us, therefore, we're shielding/
Our fragile hearts from the battle scars that the bag of false dreams sold us/
But nobody told us about the latter part/
You climbed the ladder but at the top it was nothing but smoke/
And God your creaotr holding a bag of blood/
He said if you don't repent and turn to the man above/
Jesus, my Son then none of your stuff matters much/
Naaah, it's a chasin after the wind, you've got it, you get/
You've done it and then you chase it again/
But that's the plight of the basic nature of men/
The nation throughout the ages replace him but in the end/
They'll feel his fury, they wanted to steal his glory/
Some of y'all will hear this and probably still ignore me/
But why? you ain't got to endure the wrath of god/
You can be in Christ, please God and be satisfied

Yo man, I'm gonna just give them a second to breathe/Ooooh