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Flame - Open My Heart
(from the album Flame)
© copyright 2004

I guess we all hurt sometimes/
So I find myself takin' it one day at a time ya' know/
Cause' ain't nothin' easy about this life here/
I must seek my Source/
One day at a time y'all

Verse 1:
Nothing in this world will ever be peaches and cream/
That's just in everyday living not mentioning spiritual things/
I get sick and tired of hard times/
It's hard to renew my mind/
Hard to put the past behind when ya' feelin' blind/
I grew up seeing the same ol' murdas/
Same ol' thugs in the same ol' swervas/
Sometimes I was afraid to walk through the 'hood/
I know we say it but ain't all good I'm keeping it real/
My daddy came home he was robbed/
Mom on disability and daddy lost his job/
So where that leave me at?/
I go to school wit dirty shoes and wack ball caps/
I'm in the hall catchin' all laughs/
I'm tryin' to stay focused 'cause this locust is real/
Went to kick it but my homie got killed/ I'm under all pressure/
The Lord blessed a young ghetto child like Flame/
I'm still living through the sufferin' and pain

Lord I know that you already love me/
And you want me to walk by my faith/
But it's hard for me to see you when there's no good around/
So I need you to open my heart so I can love you more/
(While I'm livin' I'mma give you my all)(3x)

Verse 2: It kinda makes me laugh cause it's been a long time comin'/
Messed up so many times but yet I'm still growin'/
See it hurt when my grandmother died/
I'm in the hospital room over her bed lookin' her in the eyes/
She always said go to church and serve the Lord/
And put Him first over everything especially money and cars/
She had a major impact on who I am now/
Bowin' down worshipin' and sending praises up loud/
But yet she's gone and the same bad things are going on/
It's hard for lil' Flame to stay strong but yet I hold on/
Life is so short we only passing through/
Able to catch you a laugh or two/
I seen a lady last week gettin' beat down/
And thirteen year old girls gettin' freaked down/
Now you can tell we in the last days/
The world has turned away from God now we livin' in our own ways/
Since I have been saved the death angel has passed over/
My down was covered by the blood straight from Jehovah/
See I'm grateful for the way of escape from bein' hateful/
The dollar doesn't make you/
Power doesn't make you/
I have seen it all nothin' new under the sun/
He made a way out so I had to run/
I'm tired of poverty/
Ghetto areas and trife livin'/
I'm tryin to elevate to Christ livin/
His righteous life we livin' come on

Hook (2x)

Verse 3:
Who else can fill the void straight from all the love that I lost/
Except the One who shed all his blood at the cross/
I didn't ask to be born into this world at all/
But through God's grace I was created to praise God/
But it gets really hard/
I was born right into sin/
I was headed for hell before my life even began/
But since I'm here now through Christ I'll make the best of it/
I trust God so I'll let him do the rest/
How else could I have peace in this life of crime/
How else could I have peace when the battle's in my mind/
How else could I have peace with a broken heart/
I wish it was the end like Noah's ark/
It'll be all over/
No more pain no more sufferin'/
No more games no more thuggin' no more hustlin'/
I praise God for eternal life the Mediator/
Who gave the ultimate sacrifice/
And we call him Jesus Christ!

(While I'm livin' I'mma give you my all) (7x)

I want to love you Jesus/
I want to love you love you/ I want to know you yeah yeah yeah/ Ooh Jesus/
I want to know you know you/
So will you open my heart so I can love you/
More (2x)/

Said I wanna be more like you yes/
Said I wanna know how you talked and how you walked/
Step by step I'll get there/
If you just hold my hand/
And show me the way (2x)