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Flame - God Man
(from the album Flame)
© copyright 2004

Verse 1:
You say you would die for your block/
And you would die for your dawgs/
But would you get on the cross and then die for us all/
I can hear Him cryin' "Let this cup pass from Me"/
Yet some sin against Holy Ghost which is blasphemy/
Now picture pain the worst on earth ever existed/ Experienced the mischief/
Endureth the crucifixion/
He died although 40 percent wouldn't believe/
See He died although 10 percent wouldn't receive/
See He died although 20 percent wouldn't understand/
And only 30 percent reverenced Him as the Son of Man/
Now knowin' this He still said "Nevertheless, not My will but let Yours be done"/
33 years of pain, sufferin' and sorrow/
Rejection, ridicule in a tomb that was borrowed/
Foxes have holes, birds have nest/
But even the Son of Man didn't have a place to rest

Hook: They forget You're the Godman/
Your Word says You were tempted on every hand/
Yet they promise up and down that you don't understand/ Could it be an excuse to continue in sin/
Could it be in their greed that they want more/
As if dyin' on the cross wasn't enough for them/
Letís pretend and defend like it's the last rhyme/
This is what I would say to persuade minds/

Verse 2:
The first Adam straight died with his bride/
And the second Adam straight died for His bride/
And we have a high priest who can really sympathize/
With our weaknesses and see the lies/
And the disguise in us lived in Nazareth that's similar to Our urban streets/
Till He was 30 and rejected by His town peeps/
Know what it's like to be shun, hung, spit upon/
And still be the Son and one with the Father/
Feel the agony of the main people hatin' on you/
The ones that read about you and suppose to be waitin' on you/
Know what it's like to be dogged out/
But gotta fight cause you called out/
Plus in the garden of Gethsemane/
He made the choice to surrender to His enemies/
Know what it's like to walk the earth and get no love/ treated so cold like hands and ice with no gloves


Verse 3:
No tongue should ever speak He don't know strugglin'/ heartache, heart break and sufferin'/
Spit on, whipped on, and thrown down/
A prophet without honor in His hometown own town/
We waitin' to see the spectacular and miraculous/
He cracked the grave and resurrected the miraculous/
Showed His love and died for us while we were yet sinners/ You're either generation X or blessed winners/
Took many lashes and then shed blood/
Cried and sweat blood/
God, now that's love that's love/
What more can He do than He's already done/
Than to love the world so much that He sent His only begotten son/
What more can He do to say that He loves your life/
Than to wrap in human flesh and become the Christ