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Flame - How Long
(from the album Flame)
© copyright 2004

Verse 1:
I question myself yo' Flame why are you tryin'/
To live without the Lion of Judah inside you are dyin'/
Not communin' with the God of Mount Zion/
Can't you see you're denyin'/
The very God they can't break down to a science/
I know you're young and you see some things that you think you are missin'/
Man you trippin' you're missin' nothin' get back on your mission/
You followed the flesh next you would wallow in mess/
Donít let thinkin' bout sex throw you back like a you're Mitchell and Ness/
Donít get weary in your well-doin'/
You were doin' well until you let your well ruin and run dry/
Tryin' to fulfill them selfish ambitions/
Making sinful decisions without repentance leaves only contention/
Donít forget you're a professin' Christian/
Them lyrics you've written they don't mean nothin' unless they match your livin'/
No one ever received elevation dibblin' and dabblin' and rappin' with procrastination

How long has it been since we've communicated/
Oh Lord I'm tired of sin it keeps me humiliated/
So much sin in the world we in and I've been regenerated/
Oh Lord I need Jesus, Jesus, Jesus oh, how long has it been?

Verse 2:
I haven't been girded with the full armor/
I've deserted your Word it turned to nervousness and then full drama/
Itís better for me to have never known/
Than to know the truth and turn back to what is wrong/
Thatís like spewin' from my own stomach/
Then turnin' around and eatin' my own vomit/
When I've been made clean and I don't mean Comet/
Lord break me abase me make me face holiness/
Shake me shape me make me face loneliness/
Redeem me rescue this vessel press through/
So much just to get next to you it's stressful/
It helps to confess my test it's just to bless you/
Disconnected I need to connect to you/
Where can I go to escape from your presence/
Youíre omnipresent you're present in hell and present in heaven/
Plus I'm weary and wounded/
My theory's consumed in/
Iniquityís union my history is sick with influence


Verse 3:
Lord let these broken bones rejoice in a song/
Givin' you glory until I get home/
Never takin' my freedom and overthrow your authority on the throne/
Livin' it holy until I get home/
Desperate measures will I take from now on to stay away from what I'm knowin' is wrong/
Self control because my suffering is long/
No more will I ignore the fact that it's on/
Prayin' until you come back for your own/
I'm fearfully and I'm wonderfully made/
Elected and affected by your irresistible grace/
And Lord that means something/
Take my heart and then clean something/
Make me mature and help me endure please/
Deliver me from the guilt and the filth/
Find me on my knees/
Knelt down about to put my face to the ground/
When I start renewin' my mind it'll lessen the times I have to sing

Hook (2x)