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Flame - Truth Travels
(from the album Flame)
© copyright 2004

Dawg the truth a travel/
When we spit get a grip like boots and gravel/
We bout to take it to the streets and scream from the roof tops/
From the hood to the burbs to the booth to the boondocks

Verse 1: Flame
A yo The-I, I see our genration is fallen/
Sick like Mardi Gras and we don't live in New Orleans/
Real like '95 when bloods and crips was bangin'/
When my homie said "Flame forget school I'm slangin"/

They skip school they bangin'/
Roc choppin' and slangin'/
Posted up they hangin' till he hit wit a banga/

Now he's covered in blood but not the blood of Christ/
His ice is bloody and not even his diamonds shine/

His soul is lifted/
The sad part he wasn't gifted/
With the gift of life through Christ we're given/

STOP! Better yet go straight to the cross/
The cross of Christ who came just to quicken the lost/ listen

The word says He's the judge of the quick and the dead/
The healing hands that restores us we sick in the head/

Bless the one that bled/
When our hearts were hand/
He called us forth/
And visit our spiritual grave yard/


Verse 2: Flame
We're the Christians that witness out on the front line/
And if we losin' our breath it's not from runnin' from one time/
It's from grindin' shinin' and spitin' bars of truth/
Exhaustin' our whole heart to school yards of youth/
Feel like I'm fastin' cuz dirty I ain't aate in a while/
We been preachin' while heathens are fakin' smile/
They not happy knowin' your daddy is locked yo/
He snorted so much coke his nose is stopped up/
Ya mommy got knocked up/
Ya homie got chopped up/
Yet he still poppin' them rocs and you throwin' you block up/
We spit Jesus dirty for more reasons than one/
Cause time is leakin' even more a reason to run./
Call me FLAME cause my temperature's 209/
I feel the fire preachin' Jesus before we run outta time/
It's one Christ one hope life for real/
And since we all gotta die hope I die in the field


Verse 3: Thi'sl
No doubt fam where I stand with the team/
I'm a runnin' back the head coach Christ the King/
John 1 show us how Christ esteems/
We champions now through Him despite the ring/
Like Aragon He comin' back like "Return of the King"/
Like Sam I'm walkin' with Flame to carry the ring/
Opposin' squad hate to come through and bury your dreams/
But like John man eyes have seen some scarier things/
But we take it to the streets because they need the truth/
Drop seeds and intercede that they heed the truth/
Edify and strenghten them so they don't leave the truth/
Flame fam I'd bleed for you/
But that goes without sayin' cause I know Christ He breathes through you/
No doubt what we came to do/
What we about to do/
Hit the roof tops and shout the truth