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Antitoxin - King of kings

must I motion your brain or is your brain in motion
master of the ceremony use your mic with devotion
pure e-motion is caught within fresh verbosity
real image is bought but without identity
mentally going high and fly on verbal wings
but realise your minority to the King of kings
Vocab-u-Larry King live showcasin' ideas
in the shadow of a DJ we krush mc's
our thoughtradar tracks up TermeKnowledgy
send it to receiving open mentalities
A decoder clearing your monitor
Airing our ceremonial trackmasters

let's turn the table switch phono/line rhetoricalwise
scratch inner human cries but breackdown all the lies
we are sampling the bible and looping God's Word
repeating fragments till your last thought is also alert
revelations of the Third Kind will elevate your mind
lifted thoughts are screaming DJ press rewind
Hip Hop jockey on a disc I saddle up
transforming samples into symphonies of Hip Hop
1200 Techniques Phat B's spinning forth & back
injection of the needle on the record he will deck
you with syndromes the baby scratch is shaken
cuttin' and manipulating wax with crossfading

stylewars going on weaponed with the visual
spray the truth God-inspired now official
styles incomparable and pieces like Picasso
in a mash yo coming through with fake-demolision
giving another demension to your Three D-vision
serving the Stylemaster on our Holy Hip Hop mission
a filled textmarker on empty headz I tag
my mind sprays 3D effects, rainbows of intellect
Got m' Belton bombing on your trains of thought
Top 2 Botttomlines of rhyme, whole cars of art
the Bible as sketchbook fills thick outlines
I throw up burners and leave signs on minds

moving on beats got your feet tribulated
slowly popping electration till your light is elevated
battle persons sinister with technique in hand
won the combat your the king of the Golden Land
dance the break until the last scratch has faded
spin your head around and you'll feel that He made it
Like Crazy legs I break metaforce to the floor
I beatstreets with wildstyles, overkill stylewars
windmills and flairs popping in my textform
powermoves that will spin your head like Storm
I'm a king of hip hop a backspinning B-boy
but compared to the King of Kings I'm just a toy