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CMC's - Ain't no party
(from the album Everyday Death Sentence)

Its not the beat that gets me out my seat I caint sit this out its the
praise in my mouth I got to get it out I keep the Son number one when I
come with my tongue and Im all up in your ear like drum come along come
along sing along bring along your crew roll with me stroll with me now
come and go with me to a spot where its hot and the party never stops,
no handy on the rocks no boots getting knocked, this is strictly for the
born again baptized believers no, Bicardi at the party cuz its in the
name of Jesus no endo no 40-0hs just the homiez from the clique and the
Holy Ghost they wont bury me when the sweet chariot swings low and
carry me and Im shouting for joy like I was Gary Lee..... and if you
aint knowing imo going over yonder and if you think the partys in
the basement, then yous a silly wrecking saved on the top floor where
the partys really at, the CMCs and Os double Gs the gangsta christian
clique if you aint at the party then you missing it.

aint no party like a Holy Ghost party (it keeps kicking like karate)
aint no party like a Holy Ghost party (you better ask everybody)

The parties on the cross it wont cost you trying to make peace with
that beast and hell toss you almost thought we lost we but I see you
found now as I pound down Daddy free would you grab the mic and clown
now straight word out my mouth G-O-D is turning out hes coming back
again and thats something I can shout about so let the party begin let
me In now Im kickin down the docoming throught the floor or down
through the city like James I got the feeling theres a way, im always
willing I gots to get my healing, revealing so appealing I gots to make
break it you couldnt stop me from praising with a straight jacket,
theres a party going on let me make this clear, by my vision aint
never seen nothing like this here, annointing thick angels in the midst
yokes getting broke alot a demons getting pissed. They telling me to
stop but please save it cuz Im gonna dance out my clothes like Im
David the parties packed with full of cojacks and baptists , word of
faith and catholics saomese and charismatics Blacks latinos Koreans
and Europeans coming in the ...samoa . CMCs straight knowing it theres
a party going on and the Spirit of Grace is flowing so pray you geta,
Holy Ghost led(a), cuz aint no caint nobody do it better

dont miss this party
aint no party like a Holy Ghost party (it keeps kicking like karate)
aint no party like a Holy Ghost party (you better ask everybody)

Its a Holy Ghost party so come on get you praise on and your groove on
if nothing move on cuz Im a praise Jesus till I di(z)e and when he
comes back ....clock the sk(z)y before I go to heaven man 365, 7, 24 man
this is a party on holy ground so let your praises go up and your
blessings come down wont you get off your seat and get your
blessing while this music is bumping and thumping I see the party people
jumping screaming party over here party over there. Praising God is what
we about CMCs Holy Terra and we out and it aint no party.