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Flame - Money
(from the album Flame)
© copyright 2004

Verse 1:
In the world system we all need money now that's a given/
For many reasons cribs to live in that's a given/
But what is makin' me sick is the greed/
How we have confused the two of which is a desperate need/
You’ve got Jesus on the right side money on the left side/
Check the steps that lead up to who is God in their lives/
Cats is thrivin' to get rich/
The entertainment industry is a quick fix/
And I ain't sayin' there's somethin' wrong with aspirations and dreams/
But have you checked lately the aspirations of teens/
You got many youth that sell drugs for the love of money/
Even internet scandals for the love of money/
Even basketball handles for the love of money/
Pure passion is clashin' with the love of money/
To be a doctor is what they went to school for/
To learn what to do/
But the surgery is so expensive ask John Q

If you insecure poor you gone be insecure rich/ if you smoke weed poor you gone smoke weed rich/ if you smack cats shot cats got flaps did it all poor you gone smack shoot flap all rich

Verse 2:
I know you sick of bein' second like the B letter/
So you think when you get cheddar your situation will be better/
There’s a great percentage of people that are truly convinced/
All they need more of in life is dollars and cents/
Money can't fix all your problems dawg I see how you strive/
You spend all of your energy and all of your time/
Since I love you dawg it's not worth it/
Ask a rapper with a Benz is his life perfect/
Ask a married man that's rich is his wife perfect/
Ask a pastor that's prosperous is his church perfect/
Not at all so either way dawg we all still feel pain/
And either way without Jesus you gone still meet flame/
If not the hell fire then you might meet me/
To hear these words that you might just see/
Your opportunity to follow Jesus/
Guaranteed rich people can't pay enough to succeed Jesus


Verse 3:
Bein' a millionair is just as common as bein' hot in the summer/
So many now playin' lottery numbers/
I tell God yo' we gotta be dumber and dumber/
Like Jim Carey and 'ol boy in that funny movie/
Like if we gain every dollar that has been printed/
And live a life without Jesus and have never repented/
That we gon' gain enough to pay for sin/
Slip the gatekeeper a couple of tens/
To open the gates and let us in/ for the love of money is the root of all evil/
This greed grows roots in people and then produces evil/
Especially dishonest money, it takes on wings as eagles/
So if the state don't take your property like Bennie Sigel/
Remember Jesus sees you can't serve both God and money/
Even if you goin' yummy cause you money hungry/
Please remember this while you out there chasin' cheddar/
Money don't make you better

Hook (x2)