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Flame - News Flash
(from the album Flame)
© copyright 2004

Verse 1
This is a pop pill culture we willin' to try it/
Anything from implantin' plastic to the Atkin's diet/
We gone flap 'til we die like a fish from water/
Shes lost in her sin that's why you missin' your daughter/
This ain't VH1 but here's a fabulous life/
With them spikes in the whip picture them stabbin' the Christ/
In a very vivid way I can imagine/
The night that's why I'm sparkin' the flames in the dark to flashin' the light/
I must admit there are some ones that wanne be changed/
But they're the ones callin' MTV so they can be made/
But we're the ones callin' Jesus so they can be saved/
Saved from what? Sins penalty, the wrath and the grave/
Were so afraid to rep Chrrist we're so embarrassed/
Jesus is God and He took many lashes/
With a legion of angels could have bet the masses/
So the leasts I can do is speak the truth in these glasses

News flash homie dawg I'm droppin' the dime/
News flash homie I'm speakin' Jesus' mind/
News flash homie I must mention the crime/
I bring the bad news and the good news all at the same time

Verse 2
You can tell the size of a ship by the waves it leaves/
Now who's name has been made into a figure speech/
Now who's death started over the beginning of time/
A.C. actually is the beginning was God/
And when it's all said and died in the endings is God/
Since we sinners we need repentance we're defensive to God/
Listen here's a sample but I'm not just blaze/
We just blaze for Christ not just on stage/
Walk with us Jesus not Kanye's/
The One that laid in the grave and raised in three days/
Listen the term Christian dawg you might not like/
But it's the definition that's in it and it is Christlike/
So there it is we'd rather hear ther cherubim's wings flap/
Then some of these raps being rapped/
Just like your rims still spin even after your car stops/
Then where will you spend eternity after your heart stops


Verse 3
these are God's words consider me doin' the ad libs/
Tryin' to get behind your stomach just to see where your abs is/
In other words tryin' to see who your dad is/
Its the inner darkness in your heart like Knight like Gladys/
Are you posted on them blocks like them St. Louis cabs is/
Are you starin' at them rappers and you wishin' you had his/
Cribs, and money and women and fashion/ did you see that
Source cover and read it with sadness/
Those same rappers that were drawn like magnets/
To chasin' that stuff the same color as grass is/
Might have to make that jailhouse they casket/
And some will get out and continue to live backwards/
But you want it cause it's so attractive/
And ignore the One keepin' tabs on your track list/
Dust to dust and ashes to ashes/
I would ask for grace from Jesus' passion