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Flame - Limelight
(from the album Flame)
© copyright 2004

Verse I
Racism, rape, victims, priest and sodomy/
Street people perishing from street theology/
Unlearned ministers criticize seminary/
While without a vision people perish there's no visionary/
First class, second class, third class citizens/
First Adam sinned then all became sinner men/
Sweet like cinnamon for those who've been redeemed/
And sour like lemons for those who have not been redeemed/
Guns cocked in politics tell me truth is relative/
We live in a time better to receive than to give/
Videos are raising kids/
Lose your life over them rims/
Little homies 13 smoking them Virginia Slims/
Look at the poverty/
Taxes are robbin' me/
Jesus come father me/
Hone style God there’s gotta be. some type of dodging in the internet and its pornography/ Callin' my savior, my Lord, who's offering me comradery

When truth hits the block the block should respond like "Who is Christ?" let's place Him in the Lime light/
Forget later 'cause now dirty the times right/
the time is now the time is now

Verse II
Horoscopes, palm readers, psychics, and astrologists/
Liken themselves to havin' knowledge yet it's obvious/
Post-modernism is taught in these secular college/
Science and evolution are tryin' to find the solution/
Denyin' the crucifixion/
Denyin' the ressurection/
Denyin' the second comin'/
They'll die in their destitution/
Picture blood drip from His pores hematidrosis/
Jesus is God even demons know this/
The winds and the waves even they obey yo/
Death and the grave even they obey yo/
Picture Him dressed in a robe dipped in blood/
Eyes like blazin' fire and equipped with love/
Ridin' a white horse with many crowns on His head/
He's comin' back already resurrected from dead/
Now as we partake of the Bread/
Think of the blood He shed/
Picture the Passover the wonderful things that He did


Verse III
According to the Scriptures concerning the day of judgment/
A hush will reign and every secret made public/
A just God will justify and bring justice/
Either the gnashing of teeth but Jesus people will love it/
And when you study them Scriptures sin and death are the effects of the Fall/
And each aspect is affectin' us all/
So while God's looking down we look up and we laugh/
But humanity's standing under the cup of His wrath/
Since we seem to be so in love with reality shows/
Then why is no one open to see what reality shows/
Plus it's hard for me to even see the faith of atheists/
Who believe we evolved from apes/
In place of His sacredness/
Plus without Christ we're a guaranteed casualty/
'Cause insted of watchin' our life we'd rather watch our calories/
I know the truth will iritate like an allergy/
I'm just tryin' to open up hopin' to show you reality

Hook (x2)