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Flame - Real One
(from the album Flame)
© copyright 2004

Verse 1:
From these times now and back down to Biblical days/
Counterfeit Jesus' have raised in the ages/
Searched the pages of the Biblion the Holy Bible not the holy quran/
Jesus warns us what would come after/
Matthew the 24th chapter/
"For many will come in my name sayin' 'I am the Christ'"/
But they're really actors/
Woe unto those who chose and teaches/
A non-Biblical Jehovah Jesus/
They might use the name but read in anotha' meanin'/
We must put a stop to the doctrine of demons/
I must run this it might get hostile/
We don't want the Christ of Oneness Pentecostals/
We want the incarnate Christ of the apostles/
The pre-existent Son, the One of the gospel

We want the Real One/
I teach the GodMan homie/
Represented through Christians is the real Jesus/
We want the Real One/
I preach the GodMan whoodi/
Represent the authentic and real Jesus/
We want the Real One/
I teach the GodMan son/
Represented through Christians is the real Jesus/
We want the Real One/
I preach the GodMan dirty/
Represent the authentic and real Jesus

Verse 2:
You're bound to drown in a broken ship/
If your hope is in the Jesus of Joseph Smith/
That doctrine will have your life stormin'/
Come to the knowledge of Christ not to the one of the Mormons/
Jesus is not Lucifer's spiritual brother/
And the heavenly Father did not have sex with his mother/
Scary I seen them two dudes in my 'hood/
Tellin' me God was a man at first and progressed to His Godhood/
Eternal is the Godhead/
The Father has always been God that's what the 90th Psalm says/
Keep your eyes on Jehovah's witness who mistranslates 1:1 of John in the Holy Scriptures/
They say more to get your mind tangled/
They deny Jesus is God but the incarnate Michael the archangel/
If no angel was called the Son in Hebrews 1/
Then why is Jesus called the Son


Verse 3:
Brace yourself dawg I'm about to make it heavy/
If you follow the Jesus of Mary Baker Eddy she's the Christian Science founder/
The devil roamed around like a roaring lion I guess that he found her/
Her Jesus was just another man/
Who showed the way to become spiritually advanced/
Her god was infinite mind/
And that man was sinless and he was never dying/
What does the Bible say in Roman 3 that all have sinned/
Romans 2 the conscious bears witness within/
Roman 1 they know the God that made the land but they suppress the truth because they wicked men/
And muslims try to make the claim that Mohammed fulfilled Deuteronomy eighteen (18:15)/
Jesus was more than a prophet/
The One that died and rose and told Thomas to touch Him

Hook (x2)