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Flame - Way Out
(from the album Flame)
© copyright 2004

Verse 1
Everything that ya'll did we done done before/
And the measure ya'll did it in we done done in more/
Cats didn't just start livin' grimy/
Death didn't just start tryin' to find me/
Vest didn't just start gettin' slimy/
Been in the streets and we know it's real/
Been in environments where cats done got killed/
Over some drug money/
See now it's time to change the men-tal/
Brothas is sellin' they soul over bout ten thou/
Itís goin' down/
We scream Jesus who is the soul saver/
One who experience pain death resurrect as the price payer/
We need you now cause you're the way out/
Left death and then stayed out/
Look over life as the layout/
The big picture/
For so long afraid to accept what we need/
One who would come down except He would bleed/
Inject His seed in us/
So many issues have been left untouched/
So when Jesus left He left it to us/
And I'm ready to bust

We need a way out take a look and examine the streets/
The famine in streets/
Young cats just be handlin' heat/
Donít speak another word on how it's hard/
Unless you pointin' me in the direction of the Lord/
We know it's real that's why we need a way out

Verse 2
I done been through hell/
And then hell again/
Most definitely been rejected I just held it in/
So now I see what you see/
Plus I feel what you feel/
So it goes without sayin' that what is real is real/
I done seen a cat lose his life/
I done seen my mom lose her mind/
Escape death like so many times/
I live for Christ now/
Livin' life is nice now/
I live that heavenly lifestyle in my life now/
So hard to see through you with the truth cause you tellin' lies/
And I can see to your heart straight through your eyes/
That you frontin'/
Drug money is stealin' your joy/
Now you huntin'/
Lookin' for somethin' to give you some joy/
Now peep game/
Call His name and He'll save your soul/
Watch you grow/
Slowly let go of struggles befo/
And it'll show/
Other brothas will follow your lead as the Holy Ghost/
Draw you in close/
And teach you His creeds/
ĎCause we need a way out


Verse 3
You speak a lot about my area/
Been here lately? It's gettin' scary and scarier/
Tryin' to tear down these barriers/
In the midst of this I found Jehovah/
I shout now before the storm's over/
They all drunk but I remain sober/
Remain a soldier/
In this ghetto livin'/
Wonít say I told ya/
If you die un-forgiven/
Offered you salvation/
This crime we facin' dawg is so real/
Without Jesus dawg there's no shield/
Just open field/
Donít have to leave so I can find peace/
Mercy and grace follows behind me/
Covered by blood keepin' my mind eased/
I trust God on a daily basis/
In my ghetto places/
ĎTil I see better cases/
Off in my ghetto places/
I must stay focused on the mark of the prize/
Jehovah Shalome is where my faith lies/
Itís crunch time/
So don't speak about the struggle/
You share with us nothin' unless you show us how to escape the hussl-in'/
In this war zone