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Phanatik - In Here
(from the album The Incredible Walk)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1:
You want truth then thatís what youíll get/
Milk it til itís done/
And then tilt it to the side/
Just to get the rest out/
Come back with souls every time we conquest out/
Bombed your house with actual facts from Messiah/
Sent you a fax to match the patch from my tire/
Made tracks perhaps youíll follow the road to the cross/
Take the crossroads if you feel hollow get filled up/
More than a tank full/
Meet Christ and end up truly thankful from your heels up to the top of ya/
Concealed the truth like a duce duce/
Let loose while it Hasan chopped through ya/
Had all that lip/
You was straight big and bad/
ĎTil Christ touched ya hip/
And left you zig-zag like Israel/
You was stubborn and hard/
Now you governed by God and all is well/
Fishtail from turning too fast/
180 or smash and burn into ash like/
Crash dummies/
Instead of following Christ/
You loved the pleasures of life and ice and cash money/
Now thatís funny/
No itís not Iím sensitive/
But Godís Son was sent to give us a chance to repent to live and that donít appeal to ya/ How should I deal with ya/
Knowing that God serves more soul food than Silviaís

In here/
we got x-thugs in here/
we got x-crips x-bloods in here/
we got x-pimps in here/
we got x-x rated chicks in here/
we got nice guys wise guys in here/
we got good girls hood girls in here/
we got all types in here/
thatís right they hid in Christ they disappeared

Verse 2:
Like EST and 3Xs Dope or Nas in these rhymes/
We wrote we hope you meet the greatest man alive/
And get caught up in His family ties/
And that all yall wise guys would come to have ya plans revised/
Why wait to give God your life later/
Before then you might slip and fall like a ice skater/
You say Christ aint your type of flavor/
He never claimed to be, He came to be your type of Savior/
Cried for you, was tried for you/
Buy unjust judges came here just to justify poor you/
Died in your place/
Two hand slam dunker/
Right and left punctured told death ďin your faceĒ/
Took manikins/
Breathed life in them and revived man again/
The champion of the camp we in/
Told sin and death you can not win/
Now rules on a throne with no known plans of vanishing/
Hand to Him/
All things before you wreckíem/
Even small kings reject Him and they wonít play nice/
So get ready for judgment day twice/
First the church and then the whole earth itís time to pay the price/
One group will pay Him and the others God will pay them/
And the church all over the earth heard and said ďamenĒ


Verse 3:
Iíve done enough dirt to make me dirty enough/
To have to shower til clocks in eternity bust/
Unworthy of trust/
Full of lust quick to cuss out turn my internal lights on/
Nothing but darkness rushed out the light bulb/
ĎTil Christ called/
Asked me to follow Him/
Cleaned up my act, lit up my path like a halogen/
Gave me a new Father and showed me He was sovereign/
Changed what my aim was/
Plus what I was hollering/
Took away my old ways quicker than a dollar spends/
Grabbed me by my collar and said ďdonít even bother themĒ/
But some of those ways stuck around I wallowed in/
Sin that almost had me about to drown on the shallow end/
Heís sandblasting me making me smooth as aloe/
He said He wanted to reach Hip-hop and I said Iíll go in