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CMC's - Everyday Death Sentence
(from the album Everyday Death Sentence)

I was taught, never put trust in a young man, cuz if you let him live
then hell try to take a stand, take command of the whole show, but no
not so I put him on deathrow I crucify my flesh daily cuz if I dont
then my flesh will try to slay me........kill the wrong guy...
objection is murder on the third degree and thats the word for me. I
pull the plug on his cardiac emergency you might think its ill G, but if
I dont kill my flesh then my fleshll try to kill me so I just kill and
kill and kill again no mercy put my flesh in the herse its not my
friend so if you want to lock me up Im guilty as I present this its an
everyday death sentence. Murder one in the morning when I wake up shake
up I pray to break up any plan the devil will make up I bails at the
flesh cuz see the fixed.Christ is alive and my flesh is on a
crucifix. But the flesh is like a terminator, why, I kill once but he
comes back like Arnold Swartzenegger like when I thought he was back in
the dust he tried to stab me in the back with a knife full of lust so I
let two fly first Corinthians 6:18 Proverb 5:5 this time Im making sure
I take him out as he bails to the ground I grab my sword and gouge his
eyes out pull out his tongue with James 3 verse 1 every chapter every
verse back in the herse it go if it rise up to sin Imo do it again and
again and again cuz its an everyday death sentence.

everyday everyday, everyday death sentence (rep)

My spirit man is alive, and for my spirit to live flesh has to die, cuz
itll be a straight conflict my spirit wants to do right my flesh wants
to trip out and get out the grave that I paved and buried him in, quick
fast in a hurry to sin you see, my flesh is in the clique he cornered on
and hes tied up in sin devil wickedness like lust fornication that
results in the jealousy sorcery idolatry immorality fighting backbiting
being mean like Galations 5:19 and its in, the wages of sin equals death
so I really have no choice left, I denied him crucify him blind side
tied him up and choked him up I snuffed him plea for mercy, I continued
to hit him till I destroyed his deeds and everything that came with him,
the next day he tried to make me sin no win cuz Ima pray to kill him
went on a fast no juice no bread gilotene to the head ten seconds before
hes dead dont trip(a) Im not a ......this aint a one time thing its
an everyday death sentence.
In Jail for murder one homocide you killed somebody no I killed my pride
cuz thats when the tried to make me feel like Im the one
and only like sony yeah years did the finest on my ego yeah boy youve
been dope since your fetal stages why dont you write pages and pages of
rhymes and bus lyrics like gauges, rock stages he tried to make me
arrogant like some a yall but its a set up cuz pride come before a fall
its a struggle so Giz aint giving in Im dealing Monday and Tuesday but
still he want to live again cry from flesh so it want recognition, so I
beat it down in humble submission I grab pride by the neck and slung him
bfore the cross of calvary I grabbed the rope and hung him Christ is
only lifted up so I dont resent.....or repent this is an everyday
death sentence ................I confess I killed the flesh and oh yes
Im glad I did now Im D-A-D and its he who lives in me, and guilty is
how I plea
and its a everyday death sentence.