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Phanatik - Me?
(from the album The Incredible Walk)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1:
It takes a whole lot to hold your attention span/
I mean I gotta be large Iím talking extension - expand/
The invention of plans that are grand and sensational/
ĎCause the appetite of man is almost insatiable/
More, not just more but greater than before/
Supply the demand they command encore/
Now Iím sure I could do a lilí sumní sumní/
Rock a couple rhymes, do a show, you know something/
I ainít gonna front like God ainít give me nothingí/
No type of way to display His glory and show Him stuntiní/
But the problem comes when Iím in front of them/
And they leave wanting me and instead of wanting Him/
Now you can see my dilemma, Ďcause I am just a man/
Iíll tell loyal fan like Flavor-Flav ďI canít do nothing for you manĒ/
I mean I can lie like Iím the shot, say Iím hot/
And I got what it takes and I make no mistakes and Iím great but I am not.

Iím not gonna pitch me so you can pick me like I got what you need/
if you prick me I bleed, Iím just a man/
Itís gotta be God

Verse 2
This is reason #73/
not to get hung up on a actor the rapper the pastor the reverend and me/
Who ever claims to belong on the throne/
Needs to bring long lasting satisfaction and never leave you alone/
You know those sad and lonely nights/
Your superstar in his supíd up car aint coming to hold you tight/
He donít even know where you live/
And you ainít goin to see him/
You donít even know where they live/
But they know that out of sight means out of mind/
So they spend mad dough on ads and radio time/
Itís like theyíre trin be everywhere, everywhere a person can stare/
Billboards TV screen, the mirror/
But I ainít playing that game/
Saying my name 50 times in one rhyme just so I can remain in your brain/
I donít deserve that kind of mentionín /
Only God can condescend to be with men and still be omnipresent

If you come to the show/
go wild go hard but donít go all out for me go out for God/
Iím not worth it Iím not worthless/
He did purchase me but only Heís worth your worship

Verse 3
The fact of the matter is/
Thereís really nothing the matter with being enamored with someone who has a gift/
This is only hazardous/
If heís asked to perform a task for which heís really not adequate/
Like giving you a reason to live cause see if your living for him/
And then he dies then your reason is history/
Now what are you living for/
Sudden death strikes and all of a sudden itís like you gotta find a different source/
For your soul to get attached/
And hope they never let you down but not even Big/
Was big enough for that/
You can get a tat/
Talking about/
ďHeís still aliveĒ/
But like they tell Elvis fans/
Fam he really died/
Itís only really God/
Who has to get this affection/
Even after death Christ has the strength for resurrection/
So please donít be fooled by all the ďmeísĒ/
It could be he she another MC or even little old me