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Phanatik - Shot Clock
(from the album The Incredible Walk)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1:
Here it is fresh off the presses/
Here to lift souls and clear all depression/
Cuz I know what itís like when the sun is all shining but your soul feels night/
Feels like youíre caught under gloomís dark presence/
With a little light shining like the moons sharp crescent/
How many days gone by/
When I said I was gonna win and I ainít even try/
I wake up at half court/
The day is half gone/
And time left on the board is madd short/
Rushing my shot/
I hurry out the door/
I donít pray I donít take my worries to the Lord/
How much time does it take to run the floor/
get the stop watch or maybe I should stop and watch the Lord/
Everyday is a new 24 on the shot clock either get your shot blocked or score

Brand new day
With each new day thatís dawniní
Every time night turns to morning
Grace is new, Mercy is new, what you gone do with it
If life is a game you can never play in again/
would you stay in your sin or start traininí aiminí to win?

Verse 2
Iím so down in points at this point Iíll take brownie points/
Especially with the people I love/
I wish I could win or at least take the lead by a hug/
Sometimes when Iím leaviní I shrug/
Hoping they feel me like really E.Q.íd up subs/
I hope they know that Iím doing a good thing/
Thatís the reason Iím not around as much as I could be/
And when Iím around Iím often drained/
But I donít want relationships getting lost and strained/
Iím always telling myself/
Donít leave your lights out/
Be a lighthouse for someone else/
I could do more before I hit the floor let me cop a squat/
Put in some quality time for sure/
Everyday is a new 24 on the shot clock either get your shot blocked or score


Verse 3:
I love the way the Lord taught the church/
He had a simple game plan when He walked the earth/
A balance between doing/
And being with the people He loved/
And spending time with the father above/
If I could master the art of the latter part/
I could keep from having to march back to start/
Thereís so many things to do/
And this brings me to by chief need which is to cling to you/
Maslowís hierarchy listed the priority/
Of the order of the things that we need and I guess it varies/
From the need to feed and to find love and to seek to succeed/
But he missed the one thing that necessary/
The Lordís standing at the door of your heart/
Knocking unlock it watch Heís got a lot in store/
Today is a new 24 on your shot clock will you get your shot blocked or score