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Phanatik - The Amazing Grace
(from the album The Incredible Walk)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1: Phanatik
Letís have a very fast vast cardiovas blast/
To spark your heart and arteries like when artillery flash/
If youíre feeliní me fasten your seatbelt/
My fault your aint know this heat melts/
Ice grills like rock salt/
Well weíll deal with that later Iím just the facilitator/
Here to present a way of life full of thrills in the savior/
Couple of pills and a pager does not make an MD/
Couple of ill little sayings does not make a MC/
Couple of wheels on the table does not make DJ/
And me on this track alone would not be a relay/
We will not take it easy letís turn it up a notch/
Iím trying to pass the baton itís time to burn it up

We on the corner with thugs/
Streets infested with drugs/
Even in some clubs preaching Jesus is love/
It might be hard at home/
Hard heads wonít follow/
Only in his home town is a prophet without honor/
In England they holler hallelujah Hosanna Hosanna/
Here we hold up a banner for them saints in the slammer/
In Africa where itís realer than the streets in the hood/
We aint just say it but we showing people God is good/
God is God king of kings and lord of the lords/
Around the country with a message money canít afford/
Price was paid back inside of U.S. of A./
United saving of America in Jesus name

We gonna take it to the west (where we going next)
We gonna take it to the east (and where we going after that)
We gonna take it to the club (and then we gonna touch down)
We gonna take it to the street (just so we can break it down)
We gonna take it to the crib (where we going next)
We gonna take it to the park (and where we going after that)
We gonna take it to ya head/ and then we gonna touch down
We gonna take it to ya heart/ just so we can break it down

Verse 2: Phanatik
A wise man once taught me how to serve the Lord/
Said if thereís anything you wonít do then thereís really nothing you can do for Him/

If thatís so then thereís something I need to know/
Is there anything you wonít do or anywhere you wonít go/

Man what you talking about/
I go to Wichita which is out/
In the Mid-west helping witches out/
Of Wicca with the Pauline account/
Then I bounce back to the ruggedest hood/
Giving a heads up to the heads that are up to no good/
To my native American heads living that Rez-life/
Come get a resurrected life from the dead through Christ/
Holy Hip-hoppers follow this blazing pace/
As weíre running this amazing race with amazing Grace

For the weak and the lame/
We extinguish the flames/
Tribal music you can use understand and youíll gain/
Make sure you run with it quick/
For the Lord we spit but the hood wants to see how raw we get/
We go to Atlanta and open with our music bro/
And you should see how many thugs love a Gospel show/
Hitting cats in Iraq/ from France to India/
Doesnít matter the language when the Holy Spirit is in to ya/
To injure your walk/
If youíre crooked you fall/
We power walk even for my people out in Nepal/
Beyond the calling/
Weíre lending out hands to those falling/
ĎCause this amazing race is the true meaning of touring


Verse 3:
For some the American dream is a nightmare/
But imagine having a taste of heaven while youíre still right here/
God has arranged it so that those living across long ranges/
Donít have to be lone rangers/
And remain strangers hanging in a zone of danger/
God became a lamb to appease His own anger/
And if Jesus had never come and been born in a manger/
Then God would still be bent out of shape like clothes hangers/
Now we gonna take this all the way to Bangkok/
And all the places around the known world that you can think of/
To letíem know that this world is on the brink of judgment/
And that itís time to wake up and smell the Sanka/
ĎCause sin can sink us like anchors tied around ankles/
If youíre not sanctified then your bound to get tied up and tangled/
Inside of it like Matthew Broderick trying to take a day off/
Go a day without walking with the Lord watch youíll end up way off

School is in session the lesson that weíre addressing/
Is a blessing itís necessary for you and your protection/
Weíre hoping this message doesnít fly over your head/
Once this song is over your life could be over instead/
If youíre bowing your head to the Father lift Him up in your prayers/
Tell Him youíre sorry and forgive me for living life like a player/
Say word I donít need herb to reach the sky/
Iím on my way to South Park eating punch an pie/
Yes sir thatís the reason why weíre lesser to Him/
Who else you know that could resurrect the Shabach from sin/
Please dog I donít want to see you dead at the end/
So for the record we goní tell you where we going again