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Mars ILL - R.A.P.G.A.M.E.
© copyright 2004

[manCHILD's verse only]

I showed up lampin with a soul strut anthem
and a plan to mess your fan and a legend is a tandem
some low cut abandon tiger fist mic handlin
heard your feminine sound and had to prescribe pamperin
crampin your style like your parents on a first date
yeah word is born with a dangerously low birth weight
scenario: worst case, you dealin with a modster
I keep the peace but they wanna hold heat like a sauna
gonna step into your nightmares, you pull it when you sleep
I'm still standin right there catchin bullets in my teeth
police and bap with a reason that speaks to black to the back of a mind
that I want my people back and that's fine
Americas past time is now alive and kickin you
another public scandal, a Michael Jackson interview
I'm addicted to Real World and I hope I can kick it soon
while my aspirations and skill level are still in tune
midnight's a high noon, fly jewels with MF
a Villain and a Manchild, possibilities endless
get close to the speaker, yeah you too princess
unless the restrainin order specifies at least ten steps