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Phanatik - The Incredible Walk
(from the album The Incredible Walk)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1:
Believe me when I tell you this/
The world is wicked there no telling what theyíll do next/
But I donít even have to focus on the evil without/
I got enough reasonable doubt/
Within me to send me to the chair that clear/
If I stare looking at a crooked cat in the mirror/
Who me? Truly the enemy is the inner me/
Nothing but me in the vicinity squared/
Thatís two isnít it/
I donít know how to configure it/
Or what digit to hit to make the equation equivalent/
All I know is there a war going on/
And my sinful nature seems to be the source of it all/
If I could get rid of it I be further along/
And I wouldnít be standing here singing the words of this song/
And it goes what I donít want to do/
I do I pursue what I shouldnít if I could I sue/
(Who?) This other me loves me to the death/
And would literally die just to satisfy my flesh/
It takes every breath and blessing that God gives/
Just to use it as a weapon against Him/
Takes every good and perfect gift that comes from above/
And perverts it like love gets changed for lust/
Itís dangerous like taking gusts of angel dust/
When God displays disgust/
ĎCause we reject His ways even though His ways are just/
Iím stuck with a old nature thatís corrupt/
And plus incapable of pleasing God believe I tried and/
Succeeded not but then Jesus died and rose again/
He clothes us in a new nature so the old one wonít win/
Now Iím opposing sin and natural whims/
But thatís when this battle begins

Thereís a war going on/
Sure youíre right sure youíre wrong/
Who said that? You dead that youíre strong but God is stronger/
Lord help me conquer this monster/
The Incredible Walk

Verse 2:
If you look from the outside in through skin/
Youíll meet the me that was born in sin/
But if you go from the inside out youíll meet the new me born again/
About ten years ago/
Ten years to grow and here we go in stereo/
Got two inputs right and left/
Asking are you down for life or death/
Check this new me is truly weird/
It trusts God where I used to be scared/
And Iím like what? Thatís all about walking out/
Faith when I thought I had a cause to doubt/
Iím telling yíall itís a trip/
Now Iím getting equipped/
To rep the God of the biblical scriptures/
Motivated by a visual clip of the life of Christ and the Cross is the pivotal picture/
Like an old film digitally fixed up the image is so vivid digits/
Register on the Richter/
So now even if it takes a while/
Iím only trying to see whatís gonna make God smile/
In contrast to the me of times past/
Quick and illegitimate willing to commit a crime fast/
Now I serve the Lord with zeal/
And stay sobered up and soldiered up cause the war is real/
Not fighting with a sword of steal/
But slicing with a spiritual sword that sure to peel/
Soul from spirit and flesh from bone/
And I roll with the Spirit never left alone/
Plus my click is more consistent than the metronome/
When it comes to letting Christ set the tone/
So daily my sinful side is outlined in legible chalk/
Letting my new insides outside itís The Incredible Walk