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Phanatik - Dirge Dancing
(from the album The Incredible Walk)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1:
You sure you wanna walk through them doors/
Get on that floor shake for them boys?/
They donít see ya inners all they see is outer dressing/
And you ainít dressing well enough to keep those fellas guessing/
You sure you wanna step in that club/
Weapons and drugs reppiní them thugs?/
Your sneaks is clean your neck is bling oh you just know you balliní/
You so caught up in all that you donít even know you falliní/
You the one thatís spinning them tracks/
You spun that track, you had to run that back/
What would happen if all the music that makes your play list/
Was hated by your Creator and would never make His A list/
Standing in the club playing clue/
The lights went low and the thugs came through/
The slug came through and hit two in the chest/
They said how you gonna do it/
You said do it to death/
I said

We donít know or we donít care/
Either we donít know or we donít care/
We just keep on moving/
Shakiní, bounciní, grooviní holler pop your collar/
Study dirge dancin to our own demise

We donít know or we donít care/
Either we donít know or we donít care/
We just keep on moving shakiní, bounciní, grooviní, clubbiní/
Brushiní shoulders study dirge dancin to our own demise

Verse 2:
You sure you wanna stand on that block/
Handling the rock, scrambling from cops/
You got locked up and got bailed out but watch out/
ĎCause rap sheets can turn to the jail house rock/
You sure you want to be up in them clips, puckering lips/
Trying to be a video vixení/
You think teasing and leaving them hot for some action is sexy/
But what happens when little girls copy the patterns you set see/
Thatís why the hood looks like it does/
We donít like whatís good or right we love/
Sinning so much itís so much pleasure in the beginning/
But we never think of the pain it causes us in the ending/
The same cat that came through in coupe/
Doiní dirt on the block came through in a hearse/
Now his crew is pouring liquor like you was the best/
I said how yíall gonna do it they said do it to death/
I said


3rd verse
The streets aint the only ones dancing dirge/
The church got they own style ask the clergy/
They see so many cats gliding/
Itís like they moon walking when they back sliding/
So you just wanna sit in them pews/
Singing them blues/
The Spirit aint move?/
And If Heís moving then how we canít move from our seats/
And take this blessed message out and bless somebody on them street/
You sure you wanna master that style/
Dance in them isles, acting all wild/
Is that what life in the church is really all about/
Shoutiní and like musical chairs the music stops we fall outí/
All outside of what should be the center/
We busy cooking dinners and frowning on crooked sinners/
Church contest to try to see whoís is the best/
We do it so good but why we gotta do it to death/
I guess