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Phanatik - R & R
(from the album The Incredible Walk)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1: Phanatik
Now listen the kid with the new found vision/
Sound Christian the old me found missing/
I donít miss him Iím on a mission commissioned/
By an Author whoís telling iller stories then John Grishom/
Mind twistin you would think it was this then/
Heís known for flipping the script and giving them something different/
For instance isnít death irreversible but the instant/
Youíre found in Him now it isnít/
How terrific how He fixes our afflictions/
The epitome of all out altruism/
All to Him is going all I have cause all I owe/
I donít deserve Him at all yall I know/
All the woes, all the burdens of time/
Combined and loaded down on one manís mind/
Is all too kind and light of a situation/
In light of the one eternal dilemma that man is facing/
Try leaving the land of the living/
And stand before the Lamb without having your sins forgiven/
This is a no win situation/
Unless you know Him cause then your placed in/
Relationship thatís safe so when itís all over/
Just know that itís just beginning for those who call upon Jehovah/
Weíll take off this flesh and put on fresh type skin/
We donít know what weíll be but weíll be just like Him/
Through out all the centuries all whoíve fallen to sleep/
Whether burned at the stakes or sawn into pieces/
Of lost in the deep or tossed into steep pits/
And left for dead theyíll lift their heads and all get to breath then/
Looking back at this life wonít even add up/
Compared to eternity earth wonít even matter/
So death is not my enemy anymore/
Itís only a key to a door/
So hit me with a shotty a Maserati a pestilence or sword/
Me absent from the body means Iím present with the Lord

If Christ is not risen/
We wonít rise with Him
If Heís not returning/
We wonít fly with Him
But since Heís risen and since Heís returning/
Weíll be living with Him in heaven for eternity

Verse 2: Evangel
The truth has been cited/
Weíve learned after Christ' return the bride and the groom are united/
With His introduction, to show sin's destruction/
This body of corruption puts on incorruption/
And shares His perfection/
Receive the life He gives and see Him like He is like His mirror's reflection/
He'll soothe in love, no tear ducts, hair plugs, or airbrush/
Removal of the worst of infirmities/
With Christ the Lord in paradise restored
And have our life's applaud in worship eternally/
The R without Eric B and them/
Regenerated from our legacy of sin inherently within/
Plus He's the resurrector/
Who brings us back like rewind wheel it up selecta/
Rude boy derelicts fiery lake inherited/
While what must I do to be saved becomes rhetoric/
Not a relevant question/
ĎCause Christ righteousness sliced our beef like a delicatessen/
When God's done assembling/
No need for the r for restrains but the r that remains for the remnant/
Weíll proceed from the White throne/
To an eternal life zone/
Thru His gates we'll breeze like a cyclone/
To kick it with Christ who paid iniquities price/
And He'll sit as the light/
Enthroned and this home is the city of life/
It's the earth's new edition like Ronny, Bobby, Ricky and Mike/
Just day for us to live in/
Never have a good night that God blessed like his name was Russell Simmons/
It will be splendid/
Sinís not remembered/
All Ďcause He rendered sin's debt rescinded/
Not redundancy but a new scene where life abundantly is routine