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Phanatik - Grieved Again
(from the album The Incredible Walk)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1
Dear Diary hear my plea/
Though my eyes cry through my tears I see/
The worlds trend we done crept up in some real sin/
We so spent now we swept up in a whirl wind/
And it seems like it wont stop Ďtil the world ends/
How much more Lord will you endure until then?/
Since Adam this pattern has plagued us/
We followed our passions and look where it led us/
You watched as Adamís first offspring/
Offíd his brother Ďcause he was jealous of his offering/
And as the years passed/
We just kept going the floods came as your tears splashed/
Mixed with the steam of your fierce wrath/
From your broken heart only those on the ark with Noah passed/
ĎCause only Noah found favor/
Even though Noah couldnít hold it down later/
Neither could Abraham/
Neither could any of the prophets or priests or kings that you raised up stand/
So with all these men/
If you were grieved then/
Then what keeps you from being grieved again?

We know itís not nothing/
It must be something that keeps you from being so grieved again/
Thereíd be more than one flood if it wasnít for the Sonís blood to keep Him from being grieved again

Verse 2:
Fast forward from the past toward the present/
Past the torch light the path for us/
Heaven more than ever Ďcause itís darker than itís ever been/
We should be outside of the ark screaminí let us in/
Check how we be with all our technology/
With more ways to sin then any one man could possibly/
And yet we invent more like slaves indentured/
Like sin vents through our pours evil as far as we can see/
Now we know drama like TNT/
We found Pandoraís Box/
Smashed the lock/
Now look whatís coming at us even on laptops/
They push sin in the cinema lovin it/
Even vote it in to our government/
We shed the blood of the innocent/
Or know about it and wonít do a thing to put an end to it/
The way we see is distorted/
Babies havin babies more babies aborted/
How can we afford to be this evil when you flooded earth/
Once what do we think keeps you from being grieved again?


Verse 3:
Lord I know our sin is sky high/
And I know you donít turn a blind eye/
You see every instance, all at an instant/
You donít scoff at sinís stench/
So you know weíre wonderin/
Whereís all the rain and thunderin/
Did we get away with our dirt/
Did the darkness cover us/ were our sins hid/
Wonít your eyelids uncover us/
But itís not that youíre passive/
Itís just that your grace is active/
Right where your wrath should be/
So we casually sin til weíre sentenced and sent to where theyíll be gnashing of teeth/
After Noahís flood thereís two judgments left/
The cross and the one at the end/
Thatís death and itís not sleep forever/
Itís beef with God feeling the heat forever/
The rest of this life without God is hellish/
The afterlife without God thatís what hell is/
And we donít want that before you come back/
And we get beat down like drum tracks/
Before Messiah comes/
Before your eyes are tired of our lives and the fire comes/
Help us to see Your Son and to believe in Him/
ĎCause His blood is the rich flood that keeps you from being grieved again.