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Phanatik - B-Side
(from the album The Incredible Walk)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1
We spit the real and itís fact not fiction/
And itís ill this wax Iím itching to scratch and mix in to/
The format is the Christian life so whereís the door mat/
With the welcome?/
Iím not stopping til I hear Him say ďwell doneĒ/
They know not the waters I draw my well from/
My well sprung but I held my tongue til it burst/
Drenchiní you not just quenchiní your thirst/
Now youíre swimming in it/
And in a minute itíll diminish your mission/
And move Godís position to the forefront/
This is for all my people appalled by evil/
With hearts that beat for what the Lord wants/
You can call this Christian rap/
Oh, what? You aint know Christians rap?/
Iím strapped with analogies of faith/
Waving Godís aroma so your soul can see how good He tastes/
Iím starving for Him you are too/
Youíre probably wonderiní ďwho are you?Ē/
Maybe Iím the last of dying breed/
Like a dying steed running his last lap with blinding speed/
Or maybe Iím stock from a new breed/
Crops from a new seed growing in the soil of earth/
If so give props for the new me/
Godís doing a new thing/
Iím a product of His toil and work/
Heís the Master Craftsman/
He crafts men after the fashion of the last Adam/
Not the first the first was cursed/
We all take after the first one from birth/
Thatís why we must be born again/
Otherwise it can never be on again/
So if you dare to listen/
Warning you will hear content that is very Christian/
Warning this album is just the B side/
I gotta say for side A you really need to see me live/
At least I pray thatís how it is/
That the real Phanatik LP would be everyday just the way I live/

Verse 2:
These dudes need to stop the uprising it is so/
Unwise and there is no one higher and oh/
His empire is so much flyer than those/
Young guys and there clothes/
Cars and tires and there flows/
Are so tired you just know/
They all are lying even so/
Yíall buy em Iím like yo/
Yíall why when thereís no truth in it/
But disc jocks/
These are the same dudes whoís music diss God/
And even so you spin it/
And push ads and add to the bad/
You could push the good but the good doesnít bring enough cash/
Itís not that the good isnít good enough/
Itís just that hood is stuck/
And you get enough bucks to keep us on smash/
Nice moves everythingís astounding/
The bling and the money it got a lot ofíem killed awww!/
But Christ rules everything around me so scream if the money ainít got a lot of appeal yalllll/
The love of money is the root to all evil/
Money means power, power means pleasure, pleasure thatís lethal/
But nothings equal to Him/
Heís better for sure/
Plus at His right hand is there is pleasure forevermore/
I could say more but must I?/
I trust I got it all covered but plus I/
Got about eighteen more tracks for yíall/
Raw raps repping the LORD/
All capitals so enough with this intro/
Letís go letís get on with it on with the show/
Said enough with this intro letís go/
Letís get into to it/ on with the show