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Phanatik - Come Home
(from the album The Incredible Walk)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1
A father sits on his porch reminiscing/
About a time when him and his son werenít so distant/
And how he misses him/
And how if he could just see him again he would run and hug him and kiss him/
Miles away a son is thinking the same thing/
Until his man hollers and interrupts his day dream/
Back to work but his back it hurts/
Heís been thinking lately about going back to church/
ĎCause that would kind of remind him of his roots/
Of a time when he wasnít grinding shining others boots/
But thatís the best he can do now/
Heís too proud to stay at the group home/
Was on his own since he was juvenile/
So he sleeps on the streets/
Using concrete for sheets/
And he eats when he eats/
And itís so cold he looks so old but heís young/
He hung in the bars all types of scars/
Life beat him down it was no holds/
Barred itís been six years-twenty days/
Since heís been gone but how did he get here anyway?/
This wasnít how it was supposed to be/
Think back to the day before he chose to leave/
When he stepped to his dad and he asked for the cash/
That he would receive after his dad passed/
So thatís what he gave him/
The father was bothered by the request but after a while he caved in/
Said ďall of the wealth that Iíve earned/
And saved up must pay for the lessons my son must learn/
And I pray that he learns when this is done/
This is my one wish for my youngest sonĒ

How long how long will the prodigal roam/
How long how long before he comes home/
How long how long will he chase harm/
And keep running away from the fatherís arms/
Young come home/
Son come home/
Run come home/
Run come home
Daughter come home/
You ought to come home/
Run come home/
Run come home
Verse 2
The saga continues the father gave into the son/
The son left with his friends who really had no cash of their own/
Just running the same track wanting too fast to be grown/
They figured with these figures in our pockets/
We can invest these digits and get even richer than your pop is/
Find ourselves a nice good hustle/
Buy some protection find some hood muscle/
As soon as we get to another city/
We can put this money to work for ourselves and get busy/
Buying houses fixing them up and flipping them/
I can just picture getting the dividends rolling in like Michelins/
From the time they arrived on the scene/
They thrived with his fatherís business sense in his genes/
Of the three he proved to be the smartest/
Buy targeted the hottest commodities on the market/
They went from knowing and going to the parties/
To being the ones with the dough throwing all the parties/
Made money money made money money money/
And wanted to date honeys so he paid money money/
He was killing it stocking up his chips/
ĎTil the economy switched/
Stock market flipped/
At first his properties flying/
Today nothingís popping stocks dropping nobodies buying/
Heís over extended in his credit/
Selling his cars and cribs to try to pay his dept with/
Heís left with nada/
Friends gone females bon-voyaged and no one will bother/
Is this what chasing pleasure and wealth does/
Leaves you out freezing with no help and shelter?/
Itís helter skelter in his dome/
He spends all his time wondering why he left home


Verse 3
Does this sound familiar/
Iím sure itís similar the symbolism is bound to kill ya/
Who else do we know/
That would leave the safety of a loving Father wandering trying to go/
To a distant place and dis His grace/
Just to waste His mercy making big mistakes/
Then when all is lost and the bridges are burned/
And they realize thereís nowhere else that they can turn/
They turn to the steeple and return to the sheepfold/
Isnít that just like Godís people?/
In every era of time/
Godís people made the error of severing the ties/
With the Father and His love/
Arenít you glad He treats us like the father of the prodigal does/
When the son finally came to his senses/
He realized it was better inside his father fences/
Said I wonder if I would returned there/
Would I be able to last under the burn of His holy stare/
But wasnít aware that the same eyes that hate sin/
Had been watching the road and waitin to for him to return again