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Phanatik - Hope in the Streetz
(from the album The Incredible Walk)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1:
Every time I connect with Kevin Author/
We end up reppin our Heavenly Father/
So just relax and chill/
In a minute weíll get in it kick some facts and build/
Itís action packed yup packed with thrills/
And what happens will fill your back with chills/
Iím not rapping to get stacks of bills/
And rock shows and have the stands packed with girls/
What I need with a one night stand/
Iím looking for a love to last one life span/
Anything short of that is sort of whack/
Caught on your back in more sacks than quarterbacks/
And thatís not the way Iím rolling out/
No wed no bed so Iím holding out/
I throw rhymes like spears and darts/
While I share my art I hope you hear my heart/
Here let me tear off a part/
And help someone out there steer clear of the dark/
For a second just for a moment/
Turn off the Lordís opponents/
Put MTV, BET on pause/
Listen while I speak He gone call/
And all yíall need to do is answer/
Itís simple weíre sinful weíre sin soaked/
Heís sinís soap plus menís hope

Brings hope to the streets/
Donít we need hope in the streets/
Watch me bring hope to the streets/
Watch me bring hope over beats/
Donít we need life in the streets/
Watch me bring Christ to the streets

Verse 2:
Iím a bible, Iím every chapter and verse/
Iím a revival a recital of His actions rehearsed/
Iím Jeremiah a fire burning inside yearning earnestly/
Fevorently trying to turn men to God/
Let me ease up on this track/
(How come) itís just a little to smooth for all that/
Iím hoping that a brother donít choose the wrong path/
If I do then that means that Iím loose and fall back/
Gotta tune out the voices/
This life is full of so many choices/
Like I never thought Iíd see the day that I would/
Have to choose between Hip-hop and rap or like the last election/
I donít know who to choose/
It was AVP whoever wins we loose/
I gotta choose between a lifestyle adult rated/
And Godís unadulterated Word/
Now maybe you saying I got a way with words/
But thatís nothing cause some cat just got away with murder/
And Iím not finish my job until theyíve all heard of the grace we all need/
And they receive Christ in the streets


Verse 3:
Everyday I pray for the streets/
For revival that it begins in me/
Iím like Lord save me from myself/
Or maybe I need to one myself/
Not in a physical sense thatís ill/
Itís not kill Bill I need to kill my will/
ĎCause thatís weíre the problem lies/
My pride my lies what I priorities/
See ya man aint perfect but since I was purchased/
One of the perks is He purges me/
And keeps me in pursuit of His Person/
And keeps my engine purring like Persian/
Cats better recognize/
Who keeps us stepping like the electric slide/
And I pray for my family too with a whole saved/
Family Lord what could you do so I pray for Ken and I pray for P./
For Tanya, Shawna, Aaron, Shena, for James, Marcus, and Kevin too/
For Omar, I pray for Neru/
For Joshua, J and Donna/
That their whole family could bring you honor/
I pray for Tai, I pray for Sha/
I pray for Judah, I pray for Zi/
I lift up my uncles and pray for my aunts/
I lift up my Moms I pray for my Pops/
I pray for Margaret, for the Florida and Alabama family/
That weíd all be a part of ya plan for peace/
Please take up past religion/
Past church past hurts and past divisions/
So we can pass the vision along with the legacy/
To the next generation with each pregnancy/
And I know that this song is getting long/
But Iím praying that my family is getting strong/
And yeah it takes more than just prayer/
So I solemnly swear and volunteer to be there/
Lord save all my peeps I pray for íem each/
ĎCause if they could be reached they could take it to the streets