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Liphe - No Love Matter
(from the album Good Vs. Evil)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1:
18years Iíve seen heart break in the makin//
Fights led to mom and dads separation//
Cursing and stating their hate was replacing//
Any love they was chasin and tasting//
I was young son then with tears on and racing//
10yrs old and basin with aggravation//
Got lost in the midst of my fury and frustration//
Looked for Jesus but only found sin and satin//
Overcome obstacles and reached my goals//
Lost a grip on life and through those in a whole//
The truth is hard to hold so I lost control/
Lied to myself on the streets with no were to go//
Fist clenched tears racing Iím about to blow//
Life is harsh fam itll swallow ya soul//
I should know i spit from experience inside a flow//
Pay attention to my words see and listen most//
Heart breaks antidote I keep the medicine close//
Cause my hearts ill no joke it instantly broke//
I pray for moms n dad whatís life without hope//

Its only love to lose or love to gain//
Why does love come when loves in rain//
Because pain is love is and love is pain//

Verse 2:
This is dedicated to the most celebrated//
Brothers who never made it//
Who died due to a life bein hate related//
For every black man getting life incarated
Another child lost n dead inside news papers//
How can I truly say this//
For all my beautiful African faces killed by senseless racist//
We need to show love and see thatís the basics//
Freedom fight this hate kid and lets say we make it//
We in a war ...a battle of lost lives and pride//
We're killin each off wit drugs and sex it's genocide//
Got the white system saying Africa died//
Itís now or never we need love by our side//
Its real love that we need people stop the violence//
Its sad to see we got a song called a moment of silence//
Because were killing each see thatís ya own blood//
And never showing love//
Real men uses words and they don't need no guns//
Took away big l's chance to run number ones//
Why u think ms Shakur and ms Wallace ainít got sons//