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Liphe - Be Strong
(from the album Good Vs. Evil)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1:
God made woman beatiful with a sweet taste//
No man should raise or place his hands to your face//
To display hate, cut you up like razor blades//
I know life is hard but we got the saviors grace//
To raise this place show sistas love and erase that hate//
See true love shorty can never break or face that trait//
That loves something we can't embrace//
I kno your scared to let a guy show you right around//
'Cause the last one pulled that Bobby Brown//
Abused you by the pound made tears hit the ground//
Made you blow his boys from town by the pound//
Faster the gun fights droppin clips and rounds//
You aint a hoe ma...yo thats how it should sound//
I just think you need more guys to treat you with respect//
Rather then breeze through ya stress/
That ease blew through ya steps//
When all he wanted to do was ease through and sex//

All my sistas working nine to five//
Know life is hard but you gotta survive//
And i know ya man just loves to lie//
But its his lost shorty aint kno need to cry

Verse 2:
If i write love it's true not for the dividens//
So i know i got this touch...look at my penmenship//
Conversate first shorty then begin with lips//
Some guys sex it up and begin to dip//
Got you slippin miss cause they kickin and itchin to hit//
And when you kissin it's no love makin a wish//
Only sex like he said and you let it go to your head//
Askin him to come back and you wishin and beggin//
Cause he didnt use a condom for that steppin//
7months and seconds it's more neglection//
And you feel ya little baby kickin and steppin//
Now wheres love at thats my only question//
Since adolensence lifes taught me many lessons//
About respectin a womans world and essence//
But i'm guessin questions men aint on and stressin//
Cause we focus on shorty on and undressin//


Verse 3:
He's the fast beat type see he beated ya life//
Ran fast with the game and he cheated in sight//
Ran fast with lies hit left and cheated you right?//
Tears showin that you believed you'd be his wife//
Then he smacked you up twice never treated you right//
Loves a bright thing sometimes we believe the hype//
When it's deep beneath them sheets in the heat of the night//
See if the walk is sharp then the talk is mean//
He treats you like a monster and keeps you behind the scene//
Got you heart broken you sayin it's just a dream//
While you working he's putting in work with a chick//
Foreal miss why you think he treats you like a trick//
Loves suppose to hold together yet hes the one that split//
Yet keep fightin your heart says not to quit//
You pictured a lot of things but the brush was wrong//
So you drew ya hearts tale in the form of a song//
But deep in ya heart you kno he's not the one//
Cause love would never block the sunshine from the sun//