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Soldier the Brainchyld - Put Ya Fist Up
(from the album My Pride/The Eternal Passion)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1: Soldier the Brainchyld
I move at a speed so dedicated/
Hold onto dreams like those who got assassinated/
My raps speak to a world of blacks who never made it/
And I thirst for knowledge Ďcause Iím hungry to taste it/
Iím the spiritual lyricist here to state the facts/
Compose thoughts like a musician to put the soul back/
Me I give it my all son I never hold back/
And put my fist up to whatís real so you know that/
While most of yíall stay high off the weed and crack pipes/
I hit with truth in the form of this type of black sight/
Iíd bear my cross to speak whatís real, and let the rest pass by the wayside/
Carry a vision in my fist to touch the mind of Jesus Christ/
So I speak my peace in the form of this type of rhyme/
My mind soars to the cross to see the face of the Bread of Life/
I gaze towards the Son to take the gospel to the streets/
And place my soul in your heart with every word that I truly release.

If ya life is never ever right/
If your lifeís with out Christ/
Everyday and every night/2X

Verse 2: Dynamics
The search for the truth be a lifetime journey/
And my desire for knowledge will slowly burn eternally/
I canít stop Ďtil every word that I speak be a jewel/
How wise words gonna be wasted on the ears of fools/
Ima relax just playing it cool/
But speak the wrong words and youíll be left all battered and bruised/
Brothers say they hungry but I got that deeper passion/
Elevate my mind through meditation and fasting/
Iím just asking questions for what is first/
Iím physically trapped in this plantation called planet Earth/
Vocals contaminate the track like cancer/
In life it always seems to be more questions than answers/
Describe myself as fantastic/
Talented in many facets/
Realness must reveal the plastic/
Make my intellect and let it turn philosophy/
The greatest possibly, escaped mayhem and endured atrocity.


Verse 3: Tech Omega
The feeling is special and I donít mean retarded/
Ima about to start at the time of black marches/
When they handed down innocent people charges/
Enlighten ya mind son think a little harder/
Open ya heart to the art and see a little farther/
A sense of freedom like Dr. king protesting/
Black panthers wit they fist high on and steppin/
The youth bein guided by strong virtues and lessons/
No more segregated class room sessions/
Guided in a strong direction by our lords blessings/
I shall fear no evil because Iím aligned wit gods beautiful essence/
I always told as a kid Iíd never make it this far/
But I broke the status quo and i raised the bar/
Now I recite under Christ starin at a star/
Wishin 2 be treated equal as you all are/
So today Iím puttin my fist up 2 take charge.