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CMC's - CMC's meet Oggs
(from the album Everyday Death Sentence)

Its the ......chunks out the cut ready to rip it up its Chile chill the
gospel nut giving you what you want, giving you what you need the truth
the funk as I proceed Its no need to smoke weed but I got to get you
high Most HIGH recogni......abide in the shadow of the you know In my
................ F-R double E dont forget the Daddy shot gun I spot
them in the original Chills Caddy I wonder if they knows Jesus and now
Im ready to serve I swerve over to the curve I hops out with the good
news with peace shod on my shoes curve giving Satan the blues. Waiting
for Tic, Giz and Solo coming from the motor the holy ......

Hey chill I see 2 Gs
who wuz that
is them CMCs
Hey Giz I think I see 3 Gs
who wuz that
hey solo I think I see 2 Gs
who wuz that
Its them CMCs

Out the blue guess who steps on the scene. Its G-I-Z CMC no you know
what I mean with the truth a word from the Lord and a servants heart
serving marks and the sheild of faith for the firee darts. I got my hat
back ready for the ratpack on the Devil in the ghetto and the double Gs
got my back in fact we got a bond that can never be broken Tic (uh)c you
think Im joking. Well Im locin letss get to the nitty gritty Jesus
is my Saviour and Compton is my City, CMCs my comrades, Satan is my
enemy, O double Gs my brothers and ..... aint no friend of me ....threw
a slug at me but they dont know that Jesus loves a little thug like me,
but yet I hoodlum this is how I dos them with the blood CMCs and O
double Gs

Hey Giz I see 3 Gs
who wuz that
is them O double Gs
Hey Tic I thank I see 2 Gs
who wuz that
is them CMCs
hey free I think I see 3 Gs
who wuz that
Its them O double Gs

everybody creep and every body hit they knees they call them apvs becuz
they just wanted to ......the Gs hitting fences jumping trenches trying
to cross waters satans ready cuz they here ....... large quarters
trying to get they act right but when blood and criptures in the midst
they backbite but you dont even know me cuz if you did then you would
know Im living holy cuz I want to see Jesus ...G thesis just khaki
suites in church cuz I aint comfortable in three pieces dont want to
hear no more just let me go I came to praise him with my soul not with
my clothes so when you see me at the LQ tell you eyes to the skies Gs
rise as I bells through gangs. I thought you knew but now you know
about the CMCs and O double Gs connection and we flexing barbequing
demons like a Texan in my section so son you better recognize and run
for protection cuz there wont be no stopping and be no quitting as long
as God gives me breath and these beats keep hitting.

he Tic I think I see 2 Gs
he Giz I think I see 3 Gs
hey solo I think I see 2 Gs
who wuz that
its them CMCs