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Liphe - Shot Dreams
(from the album Good Vs. Evil)
© copyright 2005

When the Limits the sky//
I use to ask why//
It's so hard to live life rather then die//
If i had one shot with a place to roll//
I would know up is the only place to go

Verse 1:
My feet tap across the beat moving at the right speed//
I seek freedom on the streets and fight with a need//
Provoke elders to teach kids how to write and read//
Instead of how to hustle keelos and a pipe full of weed//
Challenge y'all to open ya eyes with a sight that you need//
Spit life to the beat and give insight with that heat//
Fist high to the sky like we fight police//
Cause we opened our eyes fueled by a sight of that peace//
Lifes a Lost Innocence Further Evaporated//
Blown to peices destined to never make it//
Tribulated to instantly obliverated//
Hands grip the cold bars more blacks incarated//
Tears running down our face kid we can't take it//
A heart born with joy only to die with that hatred//
Thats why us blacks are crazy we can't take it//
Due to these times of past racist//


Verse 2:
Ayo we live with the mindstate to move and grind straight//
Moving at a crime pace it's shine or hate//
So we come with nine ways to search and find days//
These kids blind inside a lines maze//
Yellin crime pays wishin for time and space//
Away from this genocides devine hate//
But we can't find shade for the time to escape//
So we close our eyes recline and we start to wait//
See we search and find ways to get our minds straight//
But were more narrow minded then a whole lines space//
Got it locked and loaded see bush wants more//
So we movin in fours towards bustin for war//
Soldiers blown apart bodies hittin the floor//
Fatherless kids screamin they lives over for sure//
See I bow my head in a moment of Silence//
How can we stop the killing when we protect with violence//