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Redeemed Thought - The Anthem (Build Up)
(from the album Truth, Beauty, Goodness)
© copyright 2004

It's time to BREAK DOWN! Shake town, the sound of grace abounding/
With the base pounding breaks down your fake housing/
Time to BUILD UP! With the real stuff, if your skilled, hit the field bruh/
Don’t stop ‘til heaven is filled up.

Verse 1: Steve
Under construction, God's doin' something/
Blast from the dynamite thunderin' it sounds like destruction/
Demolition men twist the ignition/
Tools for the mission, hit the pool, it's too hot in the kitchen//
Big rush, gotta break down to build up/
Bring the big stuff bruh yo, stuff the big truck, with the ill junk/
Heresy blastin', pride smashin'/
Stained glass crashin' wreckin' balls of passion//
Raw cats, saints wit timbs and ball caps/
Under hard hat attack the flaws in rap format/
Drop jaws, stop the applause, it's not odd/
It’s God's squad, prodin' the hard parts of your heart//
Wit' a hot sword, God's Word, drop knowledge on 'em like proverb/
Cats better act like, y'all heard/
The run down, work before the suns down/
'Cause the dumb clowns can't toss thier dunce crowns at the suns gown//
Bema seat of judgement for believers/
What did you achieve receive your reward from your leader/
Lazy ones hay wood and stubble left,blazed in a rubble check/
The remaining works of the crazy ones//
Fire proof, gold silver stones build the homes of the good servent/
Like the third pig, stay alerted/
Wit' desire to, lay the foundation/
After breakin' down pagan towers, this salvation is ground breakin'//


Verse 2: MUZE-ONE
Yo, skip the quantity, cats build for quality/
Budget tops the lottery, hand-crafted pottery/
Built by my Savior, filled with the ill flavor/
Fingerprints of a great builder skilled with his sabre//
Cutting through the hard tissue, it's a heart issue/
Clean this dirty vessel, pump your Spirit through my vessels/
Bring some storms to this vessel/
Large missiles, aimed at the root of kids/
Fooled by the numinous, musing on the crucifix//
Blast from the dunimous, open the womb then broke through the tomb/
Gave hope to the few who hope in the groom/
The whole of the news is spoken to dudes/
Who roll with their crews and smoke in the fumes//
Christ changes their hearts, then takes them apart/
Starts flames with a spark and chases the dark out/
Under the sun , the blameless are none/
But he gave us his Son then gave us a ..//
CHANGE UP.. Switch cats to sick rappers/
Workmanship patterned after His data, Adam split after/
The curtain ripped, opened up the holiest of holies/
So that the unholy can come to the throne boldly//
JESUS, the chief cornerstone, he rerolled the stone/
So that we can see home like when Stephen was stoned/
I too became God's haiku to try to guide you to pry through and find truth//
Verse 3:
God's building each stone a part of the building/
Building part of his building plus apart from them he's still God's building/
A whole piece and piece of the whole/
Makin' peace between the holy and the un-whole/
Peep the three roles, ministry is three fold/
Peep the Seed of Eve, sow the seeds and make sho' the seeds grow//
Into trees bearing kiwi's with green leaves in winter/
That don't wither, stay rooted and grounded by the river/
No fruit, grab an axe, swing it like you're mad at it/
Break it like a bad habit, uproot and trash it//
Bruised reeds bend back, smoking flax fan that/
Stand fast like that Atlas cat, Can you handle that?/
Build the tabernacle, no spackle needed smash the alabaster box/
First love, take you back like Fraggle Rock/
Voltron, unified body transformed/
Guided by the head, never misled, dog we stand strong/
Diesel the gates of hell still can't prevail/
Y’all hit the nails, but God ripped the veil what can evil do?//
Nada! rocking your medulla oblongata/
We’re fueling sons and daughters to pursue the Abba Father/
The Foreman, transfroming men from their former man/
Three days raised, three characters are forming him//
To be continued as we step into the infinite/
One truth like a ton of bricks, BUILD SOMETHING WITH IT!!!/