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Redeemed Thought - More than Music
(from the album Truth, Beauty, Goodness)
© copyright 2004

Verse 1: Steve
It's more than music the way that we use it/
Influences movement, it move's men/
Mentally, burns your Memorex/
Stains memory a melodic message over a soul's soliloquy/
Provokes emotion, deeper than the ocean/
Too broad for scopin' expressed with explosions/
A powerful tool in the hands of fools and vandals/
Who abuse it with scandalous views/
Itís the universal form of communication/
The world's propaganda used to enslave nations/
Itís the pulse at a pagan celebration/
The DJ's weapon of choice to get'em shakin'/
Itís the voice of a depraved generation/
Whoís angry depressed and thier hormones are ragin'/
But it's God's most mysterious creation/
Purposed for his worship and preachin' salvation/
So, what you gonna do with it?/
Use it the way the Lord will's or let the world be your influence?/
You can ruin or restore think about that but I'm tryin' to write the next revival soundtrack//

It's more than music, it's a feelin' I can't describe/
Makes me feel so alive that it keeps me high/
It's more than music, it's a melody of the soul/
We learn how to let go and let, Christ take control/

Verse 2: MUZE-ONE
Muze it, it's music produced with/
A truth kick, infused hit to cruise with/
A few guitar licks or hard rim shots/
You can call it what you want, I call this Hip Hop//
It's sweet like honey from a rock if you press on/
Beat's tight, plus preach Christ as we mesh psalms/
Breathe life, we squeeze mics till our breath's gone/
Speak like David did to Saul just to bless GOD//
Worship. Sweet smelling sound source of sensation/
Salvation sent thru soundwave and soundstations/
Creative, innovating your imagination/
Demanding, everything that has breath PRAISE HIM//
No Christ sounds like broken pipe organs/
Or an out of tune sax, nail on chalkboard/
One accord swing swords severing the mic cord/
It's yours or it's the Lords, ain't nothing luke warm//
It's time consuming or timeless/
That depends on who your rhymes stress/
We bless the mic for the beauty we behold/
It's JESUS, you wrote the sound track to my soul!//

It's more than music to me, yeah oh, it's more than a melody I sing, it's the story of my soul, how I once was lost but now I'm found , how I once was blind, but now I see, that's why it's more than music//

It's more than music, more than a score/
More than a chorus, more than a chord/
More than a voice that can soothe or caress/
More like a choice feed your spirit or your flesh//
More than a melody, more than line/
More than a harmony, more than rhyme/
More than song and more than a flow/
Jesus, you wrote the sound track to my soul