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ROT - G-Innessy - In this generation
(from the album ROT Underground)
© copyright 2005, 2005 - All rights reserved - ROT


In this mothafucking generation of nowdays
Setting up a formation, Blast the next Punkface
Ya dunno how it goes, get off the streets, get busy with hoes
Before these bustaz plugg yo' body with holes

now get ready for tha mothafucking new age
mikymaru and g-innessy putting this on-stage
it's time too roll,,lay back my feet,,a massage for my toe's
cuz the struggel of 2day comes harder than a overdose

Verse 1 (G-InneSsy)

In this new generation, People get high over information
Mikey, when we spit, we cause damage
Not like the averrage, but like this
Delivering causation destroying of the gasstation
But in this generation, Kids are the victims
Seeing the youngsters hook up with the big man
Shorty, u tried this and that? Take this 20$ sack
Blazing shit so sadd, Dont use 11-kid like that
Now he's in the beginning-stage of space-nation
Gettin confused, dont remember his last conversation
Next week I see the lil kid on the block
What the fuck? Shorty stepped over to rocks
How the hell they get so early caught up
These older phallaz ruined his life, all fucked up
Kicked his ass from school, what he gotta do?
Wakin' up 6 o'clock, hustling to earn his food
Writing his lyrics, Search for opportunitys
Without do' it's all bad for his community
15 Years struggling at these cold streets
But Finally a chance to breakdown in this society
Now he's a grown man, strong stand
Rich ass mothafucka, With his mind full of gold-planned
In this generation, The older dunno to understand
The mind of the younger souljas, Fightin' till the end


Verse 2 (Mikymaru)

Remember me,,the struggles coming after me
temprely,, i'm my worst enemy
they can't handel me,,they just don't understand a G
raced like shit in this community
is this hummanity?
fucked the yooth and the positif energie
give us the blame on every tragedy
by acidently,,i found myself a way
too exspress my feelings on paper every day
other peaple just pray,,
cuz this shit fucked u up,,remember what i say
we won't get stuck up,,in the games ya''ll play
we won'get trapped in the systen
cuz this generation can listen
can c it at the way lil' shorty's living
and the things he get in
14 years young,,never go too school
can't write or read bud mom's ain't raise no fool
work for the future why??he got none
maby tommorow is the day death shal come
that shit ot u feel,,try too keep it real
live your life veryday as it is you'r last meal
go study and stay away from drugs,,
that's why they will always c us as thugz