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Bugg - You

I lied to Yo face, You showed me grace.
I was Your enemy, still You died for me.
I cant understand it, my liberation You planned it.
So now im stayin true cause its all for You.

Fallin to my knees wit tears of amazement
You straightened me out like t but now im praise-bent
I remaint insistent when they say you aint existent
Cause its the truth they resistin missin actually
I remember when i stalled at the altar call naturally
Until joyous rapture fractured me i was captured free
Ghetto-smacked upside the soul then like blackstreet I was fixed
I mean repaired no more third-eye impaired my life was remixed
Like mike vs the knicks you was victorious the devil loses
Bandaids for my bruises and awakened from my snoozes
Now its granted ill never call myself the top-handed mc
Cause i cant string words on a velvet rope like janet and create planets wit
Altantics of adjectives by simply selecting supernatural syllogies
I want your name all over my epitaph im in awe
Yo love aint even cut in half by my innumerable flaws
Now aint dat wild? You walked 7 million miles in my nikes
Dat mortician was amazed at the way you behaved when you was raised, likely
Yo, I feel more unworthy nightly...

Well when presented with these stumbling blocks i tried kickin em but that
Hurt so me you and myself diagrammed a new play with segments from the
Playbook of wealth
Somehow I got to the top of the rock and took a far off look
At the snow-capped peaks with the leaks of a sweet tea brook
It looked mighty fine like a tighty rhyme then you said its all mine
Im trippin off this lovely affection no neglection
When i look in the mirror I wanna see your reflection
You my hero addin 1's to my 0's set me free like shapiro
You said "son what you doin in that inferno"
You told me you down for eternal and dont care about externals
Which was cool cause them fools always ruled that
Rhymin aint right and you gotta go trout-fishin (yeee-hawwww!) With the hat
At an acute angle style strangled to be a christian
I looked over at you quizzical remembering you dont care about physical
Just the spiritual internal of a particular individual
Then i wondered if your intent was to expose my down-low
But you said "heck no" and wiped it clean with the gleam
Minty fresh recollections of my redemption
The life of mine was flat-lined and a new one arose in a stinkin twinklin
My inklings of ink leak thinking of the brink of understanding
Respect for the king is the key to wisdom-having.