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Mars Ill - I Is
(from the album ProPain)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1:
Yeah, this is where it all starts; it seems to be the hard part
Youíre listening but communicationís a lost art
Words are discounted, on special this week at Wal-mart
Every time my car starts, youíre left holding a hard heart
This is where I flesh it out, from my head to mouth
To the lyrics to the verses and records you only read about
This where i stop writing, Iíll be back in an hour
After sports center, two cups of black coffee and a shower
Did you miss me, the song didnít miss a step
Do what i do for long enough, youíre bound to get a rep
This is where I stop and realize Iíve lost the topic
I was talking about life, love Ė yeah, ok, I got it
I want to hold you, and tell you that everything is ok
Black out the sun so tonight can never go away
Supposed to stay strong so they can play along
But without you, Iím nothing and inspiration is gone
This is where I face the crowd and explain what i mean
From the songs that sing to the dreams that i dream
Come along for the very things that nobody knows
Thereís more to show you, but this is where the chorus goes

This all live, this is what weíre given
This is where the fact is separated from fiction
This is where i talk, this is where you listen
This is where you learn what it is and what it isnít

Verse 2:
This is where a punch line would go (here)
Next is a dramatic pause designed for the live show, (here)
Oh, i know, i got it, maybe itís like
The mic was made for me or i was made for this mic
This is where the flow change, this album is pro*pain
Put it in the so-strange category, ok
Both closer, aware, alive and awake now
This is where dust would insert a simple breakdown
This is where i shout out to my crew to switch the vibe
Deepspace what who, deepspace 5
This is where iíve had enough, where itís time to make an effort
To blast it out and smash it up
This is where i diss the radio rap world where lucky rules
Youíve got truck jewels but nobody love you
This is where i go to bed and start again at sunlight
Fall into a deep sleep, listening to one mic

Verse 3:
This is where the final act begins
Itís nothing really special, itís just time for me to rap again
Iím pulling off my skin and showing you whatís there within
Iím tapping into anger, happiness plus embarrassment
This is a call and response
For you to put your hands in the air and yell back any answer you want
ĎTil we gave you control and let it be open
Dust and manCHILD to Nathan Corrona and Gregory Owens
I better be going, itís as simple as that
Something captured your heart and Iím not giving it back
Is where it tones down, operator hold the phones now
This is where i set you up for something profound
This songís about giving you and yours a blessed know-how
To pour your soul out and change the streets of your town
Give it a go-round, go back and do it all again
I is and this is where the songs ends
I is and this is where the songs ends
I is and this is where the songs ends