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Liphe - God's Fight Remix
(from the album The Eternal Passion)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1: Soldier the Brainchyld
Iím the new revolution/
Backed by Christ the true solution/
I speak whatís real in each and every verse to keep your life steady moving/
The spiritual lyricist/
Equipped to carry a vision to reach people with this/
We spit a force in the form of song to make sure your hearing this/
I bring life to a page like Christ brings life to the lost/
Could never live by bread alone so I keep my focus on the cross/
I got food for thought in my fist to touch the lives of people with this type of legacy/
Never sell my soul to the world (why) Ďcause you canít put a price on integrity/
I search for wisdom in the Scriptures to find Divine truth so I can speak life/
Follow the Most High Ďcause He gave His life so we can reach Christ/
I hold on to my dreams to spit a message to let this rhyme cap(ture) you/
Take time to understand whatís real and let the rest simply pass through/
I stay focused on the Word to make Christ the Lord of each rhyme/
Recite verses of wisdom to speak the truth to people so I can reach your mind/
I zone out on mics to build this type of peace with my Christian faith/
And make my words my music so you feel the wisdom that my heart truly creates.

Reason why I gots to fight/
Itís my pride, my joy, my pain and sacrifice/
Reason why I gots to fight/
Fight for my life and do it every day and night

Verse 2: Tech Omega
Dwelled in sin and got played like the second Playstation/
Step to the mic with a sense of salvation/
Christ showed me the light, now I write with motivation/
Preaching the Word to brothers facing incarceration/
Christ clenched my soul, kept my spirit in captivation/
Now I write to the beat, its something truly amazing/
From every page of the Bible verse in my sight racing/
Spit the life and hold the mic with a type of dedication/
A wise warrior, spit my whole life to the globe/
Done paid some hard times like my man named Job/
But I pray for the right way and maintain my soul/
Get deep in the mic when Iím spittin this flow/
Christ is foremost, hold the minds and keeping them close/
A lot of yíall pose and maintain a life for shoí.


Verse 3a: Tech Omega
They say God was the name in that last night/
So Iím reaching for the moon, trying to catch that sight/
Itís been a struggle and fight just to grab that light/
Fist high to the sky rep that true black sight/
Junkies in the street trying to get past that pipe/
Trying to be free but we still clash and fight/
Me and my boy spit love and see that is right/
So we rep God and bring it right back to Christ...

Verse 3b: Soldier the Brainchyld
While most of yíall live in the times of mad strife/
We speak whatís real son on this type of black mic/
Iím holding fast to my dreams, and plant my feet on the sands of time/
Glue my eyes to the cross to see the face of Jesus Christ/
So I speak my peace to the streets with type of rhyme/
Renew my mind through the truth of the Word of Life/
I spit eternal life on the mic to preach the gospel to the lost/
Plant my feet on the Word and bear my cross.